Worth more than the per diem money system?

Interest rates on overnight are currently relatively low. This is effected through that interest rates in the overnight policy rate in close relation to the ECB stand. The allowance is more lucrative, the higher the interest rate of the ECB. The recent reduction in the key interest rate by the ECB has deteriorated the yield on money market accounts. Why is this so? The money that banks need the loan to refinance, it differs from the European Central Bank in each case the current interest rate (base rate =). Only if the refinancing of client funds is cheaper than the ECB’s money market accounts are economical for banks.

Therefore, the interest rate is usually below the money market accounts interest rates. An exception is made only if banks have to attract new customers and the interest rate is also very low. This is currently the case. Some banks currently offer interest rates that are above the current prime rate. However, the interest rate may be adjusted daily in a savings account, provided a guaranteed interest rate was agreed for a period of time. This should bear in mind if you are informed of the investment over a savings account.


The current offers with guaranteed interest rate

The DAB is currently offering a guaranteed interest rate of 2.75% on the daily allowance until September 2012. However, this offer is valid only for amounts of up to 20,000 €. To take advantage of this offer, customers must open at the same time, however, a securities account at DAB. However, customers are rewarded with a bonus of 50 € for the depot. For customers who have already considered to apply in addition to the savings account and a securities account, this offer is very interesting. Other banks are still paying 2.75% interest on the daily allowance. The latest information that you can call money rate comparison see.

The bonus makes the per diem interest

Deals with guaranteed interest, however, are usually tied to conditions. Interestingly in the current situation are also money market accounts with bonuses. Many banks entice customers with a bonus if they open a savings account. The new customer bonus of up to 50 €. A money market account with Bonus features such as the Bank of Scotland, ING-DiBa or the VTB from Austria. The offer is part of ING-DiBa even the currently most interesting. The new customer bonus is 50 €, and there is a guaranteed interest rate of 2.5% for six months. The operation is, however, a deposit amount of at least 5000 €.

Conclusion: the daily allowance is no longer as interesting as it was several years ago. Interest rates are currently relatively low. However, a money market account can be used as a flexible investment opportunity.