This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of fixed-term and per diem are compared.

Who wants to make money, and needs to decide whether the fixed deposit or maybe overnight, which should deal in detail with both. Because there are advantages and disadvantages, and both are for a particular purpose, each better choice. Both the call money and the money is fixed-term deposits, which have a high level of security in Germany and are covered by the Deposit Protection Fund . The differences lie in the details and should be carefully considered. The time deposit offers higher interest rates, while the daily allowance in return for greater flexibility has. In hard money is the credit for the agreed period is not available, that’s the main difference to the daily allowance. While the interest rate on fixed deposit unalterable for the period is, it will be matched with call money again. This may also be advantages to the detriment of customers. In good times the fixed deposit interest payments is therefore a good choice, but in times of low interest rates tend not to be recommended.

The daily allowance is in principle unlimited and can always be partly equipped . The customer can withdraw the funds in part, and also pay to the account. However, there is also a pure investment account, which has no payment functions. In hard money you have to offer, depending on the bank select a term . These can range from one month to 10 years. With increasing maturity, interest rates climb even, but they do not increase linearly, and in long-term investments is to increase the interest rate hardly more attractive. Also the long term brings time deposit more disadvantages. The first is the poor index for such a long period, and in addition to inflation, which can hardly be estimated for 10 years. The interest rates can not be predicted and can be contacted if such a long period certainly to the detriment of customers.


A medium term is therefore rather advisable. If the credit is provided for a specific purpose, such as the purchase of house or car, then you can bridge the time until then with a good short term deposit interest rates, while still taking. Will then still have time left over to, you should switch to a money market account. Here you can still get interest and is thus better than on the current account can use, but any time without giving notice and without access to money problems. For such cases, therefore, is a combination of both plant species, the optimal solution. Only if money is not needed with security in the coming years, is a middle term of a fixed deposit account is a good choice.