2012 is proving an easy year and the future is full of uncertainties. Can we find a 4% yield without excessive risk?

Since starting this crisis does not end, it is impossible to guess where to invest for profit. Almost nobody gets high gains as time passes the situation varies from bad to worse. No surprise that investors are encouraged to expand its portfolio and that it does care about looking much information as possible and think about it carefully before buying anything. The year 2012 has been full of uncertainties. Spain has turned into recession, and the government of Mariano Rajoy is taking steps to among other things trying to give confidence to investors. The main problem is that all bodes in the second half year reign in the bag a huge volatility, or sudden ups and downs, which will continue until the problem is fixed the solvency of banks.

Looking for 4% of benefit without excessive risk

Historically, reach 4% APR for benefits has been the great goal for investors. In good times it was relatively easy to find financial products that ensure the return without the risks were intolerable. But in full crisis, it is increasingly difficult to know where to look.


Mutual funds can offer this benefit. For example, Bankinter has launched the 4.5% APR. At the end of each quarter, banks need to raise capital go to improve their balance sheets and throwing term deposits with the best conditions. On the other hand, some banks offer deposits that exceed the required percentage, as with the Deposit of the Mediterranean Savings Bank (4.50% if done at 18 months), or CR deposit offered by Banco Espirito Santo, which gives 4.16%. It should not be dazzled by the promises of advertising, comparing sales and above all see that the bank guarantee capital. Good to know that they are good customers of the bank and will buy other financial products are in a position to negotiate better terms.

Other investments

Gold has continued to rise, but be wary of investing in this precious metal, it is anticipated that at some point the bubble bursts of the high prices that have reached this shelter value. Silver is now more secure, although the yield obtained is also less. As for the stock market, the situation is still completely uncertain. It is recommended out of European markets and betting for example by Wall Street, on solid values ​​such as McDonalds or Coca-Cola.

The situation of the stock market in Spain

If you bet on the Spanish stock market, you should not listen to the gurus that come with silver bullets, as the leading experts call for calm. Recommend IBEX 35 heavyweights such as telephone, which is expanding in countries such as Brazil and has become one large telecommunications company. It should look more or less similar values.

As for Repsol YPF after the expropriation by the Argentine government has sown uncertainty. The stock has risen from 24 euros worth earlier this year at 17. Some experts believe that in the near future there will still be ups and downs. However, if it poses a long-term purchase, benefits can be achieved, because once past the effects of the nationalization of YPF, the diversification strategy of the company will take upwards of their titles.