The Spanish stock market does not quite overcome. The first months of 2012 have been devastating to the Ibex-35 with few exceptions of some values.

Are times of great uncertainty for investors of the Exchange Spanish. 2012 seemed promising, and the Ibex-35 could join the European trend, as 17.7% up Frankfurt, Milan and Paris 11.5% 10.8%. After these performances, there is great optimism in European markets and even expected to forecast business performance will be revised upward mid-year.

So why did Spain not join this trend? The outlook is somewhat bleak. After the first two months of the year, the Ibex-35 was down 0.2%. Few titles have been significant selective increases, such as Amadeus, OHL or Power Grid. So, do not really know where to invest , because the risk at this time is considerable and achieve profitability is more difficult than ever. The truth is that the same has happened with Spanish companies not part of the Ibex-35, with exceptions like Prosegur, whose shares rose by 12.5%.


Little optimistic forecasts for the rest of the year

At this point, most investors do not know what to do, or opt for values ​​of other countries, avoiding like the plague of the Spanish. Where should the money? Are there titles that offer minimum security in the Spanish market in these times of crisis that never ends? To make matters worse, in the coming months, the tendency is very similar. Continuing financial uncertainties, and there are factors that could make matters worse, the increasing rise in oil prices and the risk of conflicts in various Arab countries.

One of the main causes of this problem is the unreliability of late some key titles such as Telefónica (the largest in the Ibex-35) not to go down. In the early days of 2012 has come to have a decrease of 5.6%. They also behave similarly others too critical, such as Repsol, which have exceeded 6% decrease. Another factor is the excessive weight of the electrical and financial index. Both sectors are perceived as too unstable for investors because the problem of electricity debt and restructuring of Spanish banks. It does not help that the government has provided an economic downturn of 1.7%. At a time when you can opt for other markets, this fact scares away many investors.

Are there any companies in which to invest?

No doubt a good time to switch to fixed income, real estate, bank deposits or other alternatives. Those with an adventurous soul and prefer to risk in equities, should consider the purchase of assets of international giants like Apple, which continues to rise despite death of Steve Jobs, founder of the company. Caterpillar has performed well so far, but by engaging in construction vehicles and machinery, could collapse at any given time. Other options to be assessed are Hulliburton companies like, Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, etc.

It is also interesting to study the MAB , alternative stock market, made ​​up of small companies expanding capitai financing needs, and a huge future. It is supervised by the National Commission on Securities Market (CNMV). It is somewhat laborious to operate in the MAB, it should be well informed of each company, and its future plans, but the effort can be quite profitable in the long run. MAB is part of the company Gowex dedicated to telecommunications, which has had the good sense to operate in areas discarded by their larger competitors. With titles that are up to 68%. Other entities to consider include Imaginarium or Gowex.