Although for years the banks are forced to sell their foreclosed homes at cheap prices, they have been lowered further after financial reforms.

At a time when unemployment and the difficulty of getting a mortgage more difficult than ever have access to housing, many potential buyers have focused their hopes on the stock of financial institutions, which need of cash, facilitate the purchasing conditions it to get rid of that foreclosed homes for nonpayment.

Recently, among the many measures taken by the government of Mariano Rajoy to exit the crisis, has launched a plan to clean the brick drastic financial system. For example, it was agreed that banks should make their homes in the balance, and also the creation of a real estate company to which banks must transfer their mobile assets more problematic. Since this new law has come to light, most banks have lowered their bids to reach very low price considering the times.

The supply of flats Stander Bank

Stresses Altamira, the famous estate of Bank Stander, who has drawn a promotion called “Retro Prices of Altamira”. Floors offers between 65 and 100 square meters for 75,000 euros, in Serena. It also has many homes for sale in Madrid for a lower figure of 50,000 euros, and deals in other cities, like Barcelona and Almería. In contrast, the entity does not seem too interested in renting their properties because it has very few, and only in Boadilla of Monte. Perhaps the biggest attraction is offering financing terms ‘special’. It promises 100% of the amount in mortgages to 40 years, a commitment fee of 0.2% and the interest rate would be set at Euripides +125.


Citibank can propose a price for their homes

Citibank operates through Seat Habitat, where you can find homes for sale in the Example district of Barcelona and € 150,000 in the center of Madrid to 85,000 euros. It’s worth taking a look at the site, it proposes a curious system that can get to be quite profitable for the customer. If you are interested in a property, you can specify how much you’re willing to pay. The bank will respond within 24 hours whether to accept that amount. Meanwhile, BBVA (on websites BBVA Housing) has one of the broadest offerings of the network, so you can find authentic rummaging balances. For example, it is easy to find two-bedroom homes in many provincial capitals of Spain from 30,000 euros or very interesting prices.

Other offers banks floors available online

They are the only banks that prospective buyers of flats banks must consider. Fortunately, the Internet allows you to quickly compare prices between different websites, and finally stay with what really interests them and is cheaper to them. For example, Mediterranean, CAM company has very good prices, but too limited to holiday homes on the coast of the Mediterranean.

Casualty, of Banes to, announces discounts of up to 70%. You can find homes that are down (or so say) of 270,000 euros to 90,000, and many who have fallen to half of what they did. Meanwhile, Cataclysmal ensures that theirs are “more bargains flooring market.” Actually, their prices do not deviate too much from the other banks mentioned, but does have such homes in good areas of Madrid to 160,000 euros. Their conditions are quite attractive, because funding adapted to the circumstances of the purchaser and is implementing a ‘scrap page scheme’ for housing change.