Virtual assistants are trained professionals increasingly sought after by companies to carry out various projects remotely.

Virtual assistance is a way of working that is booming these days, where companies seek cost reduction and trained personnel to perform tasks that do not require the physical presence to be made. The attendees virtual s deal of routine tasks for which capacity is necessary or specific knowledge and collaborate as freelancers with businesspeople, professionals or companies that need to delegate tasks to deal with other issues.

What tasks can develop a virtual assistant

An assistant can handle a wide variety of tasks, some of which are listed below, and many other tasks related to the line of business.

* Deposits and customer tracking
* Promoting products on-line
* Managing social networks
* Management blogs and websites
* Design and maintenance of web sites
* Translations and transcriptions
* Event Services
* Recruitment and selection
* Database Administration
* Management Agenda
* Training and on-line courses
* Presentations, essays and corrections
* Market Research
* Finding information
* Competition Analysis


How can a virtual assistant in a business

A virtual assistant is dedication to service, its main objective is to reduce costs and make quality work for which you are qualified, through teleworking , without being present in the company or business that requires their services.

A company, whether physical or virtual, can instruct the administrative virtual assistant, customer service, marketing or human resources, while taking care of growing your business, without having to take on full-time dependency. More and more business owners and entrepreneurs who work via the web, to them a virtual assistant is a key element in the growth strategy of the business.

The figure of the community manager

The community manager , which is not nothing but a specialist in representing the company on the web. It is the visible face of the same social networks, forums, blogs and handles both publish content, such as interacting with customers through the virtual environment.

Contacting a virtual assistant

There are work platforms where freelancers subscribe and provide services. In the same companies or individuals publish their offers in draft form, specifying what the same budget, time required. Teleworkers specific preferences placed on the site, where they are eligible to receive these offers in your email box, or visit the site in search of projects that interest them. Once detected them send their applications, among which the customer selects the most desirable.

You can also make use of social networking sites like linked-in or twitter, or search the web, since the vast majority have your site or blog where they offer their services, or a Facebook page. The important thing is to find the best professional and entrust the task given the information available. There are also virtual assistants associations and companies dedicated to providing these services which can provide greater labor warranty.