What is the sharing economy? In this guide, we will examine the main points. It just seems to be one of the possible responses to the economic crisis nationally and internationally. Created policy sharing , has as its purpose the collaborative consumption link fair exchange of resources and means, without the obligation of purchase. World-famous companies that have joined have found immediately a huge consensus.

Italy is distinguishable sharing economy to international projects all his own, original really promising Among other projects, there are those dedicated to the world ethnographically, which offer the possibility of implementing networking between small fashion houses and local businesses , planning collaborations oriented sharing and socializing Another area touches urbanization, with initiatives that aim to reduce the use of resources from scratch and matter prima Nanda to map and identify all those buildings still in good condition abandonment, such as private homes, commercial establishments, hospitals, schools prigioni: the goal? Find them new life, fighting decay with the restructuring.


From these early ideas, Lear of interest were extended to the clothing industry, catering, the gardens in the parking km oe Initially a source of skepticism, today the sharing is spreading more and more, until reach involve intangibles In such skills They Italy growing more and more initiatives based on this revolutionary system economic Already on our territory agencies that care of the rent and exchange of homes and properties, the provision of child care services, the rental of zero Acosta cars, boats, and distinctive regional organic food sarsaparilla and exchange of money.

The fundamental point of sharing is barter. Many sites give you the opportunity to earn with the peer-to-peer: the users upload photos and ads of objects and participate virtually in a verse own flea market. A must for those traveling by solidarity train. All tickets at low-end contempt or not used will not lose value, but on the sectoral platforms can be traded and bartered.