That of loans if they light up less and less is not a great novelty, especially after this year that is coming to an end and with it has brought new tax not always useful or pleasing to the taxpayers. The numbers speak for themselves: according to the data Crif , in fact, the demand for mortgages fell by 42% last year and is worse for the disbursement of such mortgage loans, which fell by 50% in a short period of time after all. Numbers that make you think and to which should be added to all those who, fearful of receiving a resounding “no”, they decide not groped the way the loan because even convinced not to meet the requirements suitable for receiving money.

And to tell the truth, the problem of requirements, together with that of the Spread is always too high, it is top of mind for everyone but especially for smaller categories such as professionals and employees with a paycheck is not enough “strong” support for a loan to current conditions. In this scenario, far from rosy but there is a possibility that is leaning on Italy with a growing interest on the part of supply and demand. It is of ‘rent with redemption, a new way of rent which in fact is exactly half-way between actual purchase and the payment of a fee simple location. Let’s see what it is, then the rent with redemption that is going really well in the last few days in Piedmont, Lombardy and Emilia Romagna.


Who purchasing power limited but must somehow decide where to go and live, you may use the mode of redemption by paying monthly rent with the owner of a lump sum, as is typical in rents, which will, however, slightly more high compared to a normal rent. Usually contracts with redemption for a minimum duration of three years, after which those who occupy rent the house can decide whether or not to purchase the home at that time occupied by paying the rent. That fee plus of which I spoke before, however, obviously has a sense. If, in fact, who pays the rent is for example 800 € instead of 500 € monthly, fee intended for that property if you rent traditional, the 300 euro difference will be set aside each month for the entire duration of the contract. A three-year contract, and then 36 months, then who would pay the rent with redemption have not only paid his rent every month but also to have set aside € 300 for three years and, therefore, a total of 10,800 useful for redeeming the asset and buy it.

This mode, however interesting, it should be carefully evaluated before being selected. Who is going to do a rent with redemption, in fact, must be aware of the costs and benefits and whether, with the amount set aside, after three years will be able to buy the property or at least apply for a mortgage slightly lower. The price of the house also is agreed at the conclusion of the contract and during the years of rent is still the old property owner to pay the ‘Imu. The expected decline in real estate prices in some way makes you think, though. Blocking the price of the house three years before, in fact, there is a risk of not making a deal, but to lose in the future.