Marketing from (and for) the brain.

Arouse emotions, reactions to study and play with the senses, is now a ‘must’ to attract consumers, therefore, study the brain is essential. With the constant change of interests, tastes and attractions, there is no magic formula universally applicable, so that what was successful today, will not be tomorrow. The Neuro marketing offers a bridge between neurology and the company, which studies the individual in profound ways, from their actions and not just react consciously.

What neuroscience study applied?

Are applied neuroscience disciplines that use scientific knowledge about the brain in order to generate well-being in people, also study everything related to what develops in a superconscious, those impulses generated unconsciously, which are modulated primarily by reasons affective or emotional type. The practice of neuroscience applied back to the nineteenth century interest in resolving doubts against the background that had brain injury and seizures.


Right and left hemispheres

The left hemisphere is the imagination, artistic sense and three-dimensional perception, is the intuitive type. The right brain however, is the rational, the written language and numeracy skills, is analog.

Gray and white matter

Are the information processing centers through links. Are those that help to perceive, identify and analyze.

Mirror neurons

Are those that transmit information concerning the behavior and actions of another. In other words, emulate what they perceive (joy, sadness, grief, shame, etc.) According to Nestor Braidot leading neuro management “man reminds one of the five senses” that is, the brain’s ability goes beyond the conscious and unconscious way that the brain also has the ability to memorize, therefore, the play with the senses of the consumer is the new challenge of marketing.

Memorizing brain buying decision

The neuro marketing as marketing is not to sell, but to persuade, in this case the subconscious of the consumer, so the senses are the key to this process. It is played with the smells, tastes and sensations that affect permit a more emotional and affective, is awaken feelings that generate welfare and therefore a decision to the product or the interest you have. The neuro marketing study the brain processes and neural circuits that explains the behavior of individuals, seeking to influence purchasing decisions consciously and unconsciously. It seeks to activate impulses, emotions and thus decisions.

The study of the brain and human behavior to define strategies to achieve sales goals and business interests, making it more effective than traditional methods such as interviews and focus groups where people sometimes lie intentionally or simply because they are not sure what are they looking for or want.First of all, neuro marketing as other analysis tools allow influence, but do not ignore the fact that there must be products and / or services are of quality, product satisfaction depends on the consumer, but is easier to encourage decision making if you offer something that meets the standards, desires and needs.