In the era of internet , web 2.0, to smartphones and tablets , is gaining a new form of “advertising”, promotion and, if we can call it even so, advertising . But let’s step back to better understand what is Social Media Marketing everyone is talking about and how it works, analyzing precisely the field in which it is applied, the world of social networks .

No need to be a statistician or a programming genius to figure out that, nowadays, millions of people who every day make use of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. And it is precisely to users of these platforms “social” that addresses this type of “communicative activity”. We use this term, and not the word “advertising”, for the simple fact that Social Media Marketing is a complete departure from the idea of a one-sided advertising and an end in itself, as we have always lived so far, but in fact embraces the philosophy communication and sharing between the brand and the customer last.


Use a social network to get to know greatly increases the visibility of the company, which at the same time it comes into contact, in the true sense of the word, with potential customers, listening to advice and tips and having the opportunity to improve on the basis of critical and any malcontents. This report provides communication to business or a different sort of strengthening the brand name and popularity, by virtue of the fact that every user will adhere spontaneously, of his own volition and in a completely serene promotion, advertising campaign or simply to newsletter .

The Social Media Marketing, therefore, provides clients interested in the services or products of the same company, addressing exactly and directly to the specific target of potential buyers, creating a relationship of communication with them through the very social platforms without making useless spam, moreover, extremely detrimental to the image of the company.

Recent studies have also shown that this way of marketing is, in recent years, a significant increase compared to the performance of normal advertising. Let’s talk about percentages ranging more than 110% as growth in the number of “advertisements”, over 96% (and counting) page views (Brand page), and as not to be underestimated, we have a 450% increase in of actions aimed at the buying and selling of products or services were successful using this type of “communication campaigns.”

We emphasize that Social Media Marketing is not a prerogative of large companies and famous brands , but every person, every small business can benefit from the country because of the possibility that the type of marketing grants, that is, you can create campaigns customized to be addressed directly to the desired range of potential customers, based on age, geographic location, gender and interests demonstrated.