More and more, companies covered by the crisis, offer commercial contract. What are the consequences for the worker?

Insurance companies, realtors, banks, all commercial contract, representatives or vendors that become autonomous in order to work. This is a contract by which a person or entity, voluntarily undertakes to provide a service for a price or for a certain fee.

Differences between commercial contract and contract

* In the commercial contract, the employee acting on his own. It becomes autonomous . Becomes entrepreneur himself.
* In the contract, the worker agrees to provide some services for remuneration, whether employees and under the direction of another person or entity, known as the impresario.

Consequences for the worker

* The worker is required to register with autonomous regime .
* You are required to check the VAT. to the company, the statutory rate.
* The company made ​​the deduction on account of its declaration of income tax .
* The company is not required to pay into Social Security.
* In case of contract termination, the company has no obligation to pay any compensation. Only if justified poor economic or business interruption, may choose to collect unemployment , after twelve months of the start of trading.


Dangers of commercial contract

Companies do not always speak clearly about the conditions of these contracts. Some even explain to their workers who are not required to register as an independent, but the truth is that they always have their backs well covered in the fiscal area. In addition, the commercial contract exempting from liability company, in relation to Social Security payments.

Advantages of commercial contract

* Flexibility, time freedom.
* Independence leaders.
* Opportunity to work for several companies at the same time.

Disadvantages of commercial contract

* You lose the status of worker.
* Benefits are obtained or not, you have to pay for insurance forever.
* It means all present and future assets, because it responds to all the capital.
* When not discharged, even in a short period of time, usually Treasury claim all arrears insurance.
* The Social Security seeks clarification of any fee that has not been justified.

Minimum content of the commercial contract

* It should clearly articulate, the services are to be provided with all that is included and excluded from the agreement.
* Clearly determine the total amount of services.
* Set the duration of the contract.
* Express the obligation of the company to make the retention pay income tax and VAT.
* Note the place where services are delivered and determine if there is a fixed schedule or if there is freedom, in that sense.

In short, the commercial contract is an option of entering the labor market but definitely, whom is most beneficial to the company. It is a way to acquire human capital at no charge. The worker assumes all risks. In times of crisis like the one we live today, many people cling to the idea of ​​having a job that will kick their precarious situation and decide to embark on commercial projects, signing commercial contracts but sometimes, the remedy is much worse than the disease. Besides not generate income, expenses are incurred because even if there is no benefit for a few months, you have to keep paying insurance autonomous ranging around 250 euros per month. It is a type of contract that although much has proliferated in recent years, not just recognized worker rights as one who assumes all risks when the employer does not bear any. So before you sign any contract, it is important to know the exact conditions under which to develop professional activity, to avoid wasting time and money.