You own and wish to work in your home? Zoum on financial assistance available

The National Agency for habitat improvement ( ANAH ) provides grants to homeowners for the work of home improvement. These grants are for properties up to standards, energy efficiency improvements and adaptation of housing for elderly and disabled. Are fundable and electrical installations, heating, installation of partitions, installation of lift, grab bars . If you want to do extension work in your home ANAH can also support a part. All these aids are conditioned by the resources in a ceiling of 20,000 euros. In some departments and regions, they can are supplemented by grants of general and regional councils. Please contact the Pact of your city to apply.

Aid of pension funds to finance work

Pension funds provide grants to finance work to improve habitat. The national pension insurance fund ( CNAV ), the social system of independent ( RSI ) Association for the supplementary pension plan for employees ( Arcoo ), the General Association of Supplementary Pension managers ( Agirc ), make left . They propose to aid retirees to renovate a dilapidated housing or landscaping their home due to loss of autonomy. Funding may be up to 65 percent of the amount of work and are granted under the terms of resources.


The zero-interest loans

To help finance the renovation and thermal energy, the state has implemented eco loan zeros. Interest is zero. And thermal insulation of windows, installation of heat pumps, solar water heating installation window qualify for this type of loan. Funding of up to 30,000 euros with a maximum repayment term of ten years. The zero-interest loan from its big brother allows him to pay when the work to transform a room into a home.

The tax credit

The tax credit is a boost for the state to finance mainly energy efficiency improvements. Owner, it allows you to deduct the payment of income tax a portion of expenses to a maximum of 8000 euros. The introduction of condensing boilers, thermal insulation of windows, installation of new windows, heat pump, solar water heating are eligible for such tax credit. A tax credit may also granted are within the limit of 5000 euros for the installation for the elderly or disabled, such as grab bars, elevators, soil slip . Many aids to work in your home can so you are granted if you own. Feel free to ask them. To answer a simple need or to improve your home, this work will help in all cases to give added value to your property.