The new law on court fees favors companies to justice. But how companies abuse the worker?

Have already been published in the Government Gazette, the order issued by the Ministry of Finance through approving the model and reverse back request, new court fees that will apply from tomorrow , 17 December 2012.

How companies abuse the worker?

Days prior to start implementing the new court fees rejected from all professional and social sectors, we know the first consequences that the law has on the worker. Some companies used to act in bad faith, did not hesitate to get ahead of the law to take the law into their own hands and interpret her more free will, skipping any law or legal principle.

So, have already begun to report on the first layoffs . Taking advantage of all the facilities that the last Labour Reform granted and encouraged by the entry into force of the new Court Fees Act, large companies, those that enjoy greater prestige both at home and internationally, and have shown unequivocal of its superiority and absolute power to the worker. How, laying off workers illegally, even inhuman. Workers are low, with harsh conditions, workers who have suffered in the flesh the terrifying consequences of mobbing exerted by peers or superiors, who have had the consent and absolute impunity of the company, knowing that the situation has permitted and consented that the situation has continued, are some clear examples of workers being unfairly dismissed, days before applying the new law on court fees.


Is justice equal for all?

Clearly not. You just have to see which companies have expected to approve the law to unleash their most macabre strategies to get rid of older workers, those who never gave problems, or the victims of bullying , they could not take it anymore abuse and one day he decided to denounce. Justice benefits these companies and gives them more wings to keep silence, and abuse their workers, those that one day you were very helpful and now have ceased to interest him. Because it is easier to recruit some new and out of the way any adversity.

Because they know that once in the street, and the resources are just not even be able to pay, and so silenced the voices of those who are abused mercilessly. If you suffer bullying, you hold: if sick, I do not care. These are the messages from an office, heads transmit to society. Before there was trust in justice, righteousness and can not even afford. Businesses and entrepreneurs laugh workers, with absolute impunity. Maybe not equal justice for all, perhaps not even deign to listen, to a people their rights and claims over and over again, is constantly denied.

Every law has a loophole, that is the great truth. But leave the press to give voice to the injustices of the system are just snatch. They are known by all companies, they say guided by quality. But if your customers know what they do with the workers, they would want to hire anymore. Every law has a loophole. Today many will rejoice. But maybe one day the truth will persecute and will be held accountable, very reluctantly. What company lays off a worker low, whom sick abuse of authority, or that woman that her pregnancy forces him to stop?. One I of knowing, no one would want to hire.