At various paperwork related to entrepreneurship, you must publish a notice of constitution in a legal gazette. This article answers questions related to the implementation of this approach where the publish its content and price.


Since 4 January 1955, you have the obligation to communicate the creation of your business in an official journal of legal notices. The notice of appointment must be sent to one of the many newspapers empowered to publish legal notices to be published. This announcement shall also be made in a newspaper published in the department of your company headquarters.

Two types of publication:

* Publication of the notice of constitution in an official journal of legal notices on paper
* Publication of the notice of constitution in an official legal gazette in digital format


So you can publish your review on the internet, on sites specializing in the publication of legal notices . This approach allows a simplification and time saving in comparison with the solution of paper. In addition, you can follow the progress of the publication through the online solution.


The content of the notice of constitution must include several elements:

* The name
* The social form
* The amount of share capital
* The registered office address
* The duration of the company
* The corporate purpose
* The names and addresses of officers
* The commercial and companies register in which the company will be registered

Each model depends on the status of your business. So for the SAS, the SASU and SA should be added:

* Admission procedures at meetings and exercise voting rights
* The designation of the corporate body authorized to approve applications for approval
* Any clauses relating to the approval of the transferees
* The names and addresses of the auditors.


The price of a publication of a legal advertisement is defined by the prefecture. The price thus depends on the department where the company headquarters. The rate is set according to the number of lines.