After completing Google Streetview, here is the search engine in action to allow visitors to visit the business locations.

Indeed, in recent months, GE has set up a service (fee) to achieve 360 ° virtual tours for all private companies: shops, hotels, galleries, bakeries and other small businesses. For now for the big cities, this proposed virtual tours for the pros will soon expand across the country. But what may be the object of our search engine (yet?) Favorite? What interest is there for him to want to enter webnotes inside retail locations?


May be its primary objective: that of always wanting to please its users? In fact, he wants above all to add the content again and again to his huge global database. After the text, figures, photos and videos, it is created (by photographers authorized Google map) a new interactive media: the panoramic virtual tour. Also, the user is he going to now have the opportunity to virtually visit a place before using his feet or his car to get there. This is far from being a bad idea because it will avoid wasting time for many of us.

Of applying companies

For businesses, it can also be interesting to make themselves known in a more original. You just find a good photographer making virtual visits Google able to showcase its facility to attract future clients to come. All photographers authorized by the department dedicated to this new project should follow a standard procedure with material specific photo. There are only a few brands of housings, lenses, tripods etc. who are authorized to carry out the shooting. In addition, the HDR technique is used here to provide clear images regardless of the brightness of the place to photograph. Google seems to want a very good picture quality for this new communication medium.

Internet users reassured.

It may seem logical that a user visiting a virtual shop can feel confident, and so will say: ” It sounds good this shop, I’m not going to move for nothing “Or” tonight I “simone “to bring to the restaurant, let’s see if this restaurant a good head ” In short, this can make any legitimate commercial site of any kind: gallery, cinema, restaurant, showroom, concessions etc . Google still a good idea.