Do you own a classic car ? Then you are doubly lucky, because in addition to having a vehicle of great charm, that all envy you, you can pay less tax than others. Who is the owner of a car period may in fact be from the payment of stamp duty, or property tax you have to pay for the vast majority of vehicles on our roads.

And especially at this time when the Italians are forced to shoulder the expenses of their cars more and more significant, from the expensive gasoline increases in insurance policies, they can at least rejoice in those who have a garage car of the past. Therefore, we see how the owner of a vintage car can apply for exemption of stamp duty.

First you need to make an important clarification: Which vehicles can be considered vintage cars. This category includes cars built at least twenty years. The even older, which made ​​at least thirty years ago, belong to the category of vintage cars, and in this case have the right to exemption of stamp duty is even easier. For historical cars, in fact, you can not only pay the stamp indicating the first date of enrollment that is in the manual. Even for vintage cars is not difficult to obtain the exemption.


Before requesting an exemption must make sure that the car, as well as having at least two decades, meets the following requirements: it must not be used for business reasons or for commercial purposes, must be kept in a decent way, the body and the frame if they reported changes must be duly registered and the engine has to be from the technical point of view equivalent to the engine manufacturer. In addition, to qualify for the exemption, you must report your car to ASI, the Italian Historical Automotoclub. It ‘just the message, without having to pay the registration fee. From the moment your car appears in the list drawn up by the ASI can be exempt from the payment of stamp duty.