All those who have a business or have a job as a professional, they know what it means to have a VAT number and how to manage it. But any citizen suddenly comes to rest in a position to open one could be in trouble, not knowing what to do. For this reason we will try to do some ‘clarity, showing you everything you need to do to open a VAT.

The VAT number, from a technical point of view, is a tax that we in Italy have to be applied on both the supply of goods to the provision of services. In practice, that is not considered a tax evader , he needs to open a VAT anyone will launch a business or can be defined as a freelancer. The essential difference between the two is that while an employer has the obligation to pay taxes when begins his activities, even if such gain is found to be invalid, the self-employed, however, has the obligation to pay taxes only on the basis of its earnings.


But let us now what you need to do from a practical point of view to open a VAT. The first step is to go to one of the seats of the ‘ Inland Revenue . Here, you must go with the specific VAT office where you have to ask the specific form for the request and compile all the required items. Request the opening of a VAT has a cost, which today is 50 euro, so it is good to be clear what are its plans for not commit any error in filling out the application form. When the game opens VAT must then play a final step within thirty days after opening, or go to the Chamber of Commerce. This will have entered the race of her career, which you can exercise with confidence by law.