To reduce the gap between scientists and entrepreneurs Vanguard Technology Expo opens 2012 in Mexico City

From 21 to March 23, 2012 from 9 am to six pm, will be held at the exhibition center and convention of the World Trade Cener ( WTC ) of Mexico City ‘s second Vanguard Technology Innovation Fair. Organized by the Federal District government through the Institute of Science and Technology ( ICyTDF ).

The first time this event was held in March 2011 with an attendance of 4150 people. The public school was the largest with 64%, followed by the government with 21% to 13% business and investors 2%. With the motto: “Creating wealth from knowledge” the objective of the fair is to link scientists and inventors with entrepreneurs, businessmen and investors who wish to add value to their products and services through knowledge and technology. It also seeks to build bridges between universities and the business world through innovation to achieve a promotion in economic development.


Lecture series at Vanguard Technology 2012

Will offer a series of lectures by international and national personalities from the world of technology to show how it can help meet needs and solve problems. In fact one of the biggest challenges the country is to get students and graduate level, have not only the goal of being employed, but create a corporate culture so that they can create jobs.

The conference will focus on Wednesday in the life sciences and will be attended by Paolo Macchiarini, the keynote will give Renee the Ben with the title “Technology transfer in life sciences.” On Thursday the focus will be eco-innovation, the keynote is titled ecological sustainability and balance of the land given by Solomon Darwin, another keynote will be “Using nanotechnology to revolutionize the industry worldwide by Anita Goel. On Friday 23 the theme will be: Innovation in connectivity and technology. The keynote address will be: “The secret to building the next Silicon Valley” by Victor W. Hwang .

Importance of innovation science and technology in Mexico

Countries that invest in innovation according to the OECD are: Sweden 3.6% of GDP, Korea 3.49, Finland 3.48, Singapore 2.61. Mexico invests very little only .35% of GDP. Companies in Mexico from the micro to require larger approach to science and scientists to generate more added value and boost productivity and competitiveness. Innovation is no longer a luxury but a necessity to survive in the economy of globalization and information. Information and Communication Technologies are key in both market research and advertising of products and services.

Universities and SMEs

Higher education institutions must promote their knowledge, careers and research centers to SMEs to create positive impacts on society such as the creation of jobs and wealth. Universities have a social responsibility in the knowledge economy, where information technology and communication (ICT) play an increasingly important role in generating value. Provide advice, consultancy, incubator to keep in touch with entrepreneurs and businessmen. Career as geography, biotechnology, economics, robotics, tourism, business administration, biology, marketing, accounting, play an important role to create products, services and companies.

It is important that scientists out of their cubicles and make contact with people, whether in the real world and virtual worlds. Send practicality to theory, improve productivity and competitiveness, help in developing the business plan, analysis of markets, etc. In turn, the owners of SMEs have to approach science, scientists to achieve innovation and added value. In this context the exhibition Vanguard Technology can be the beginning of a relationship of synergy between entrepreneurs and scientists.