How long are vouchers valid? The validity of vouchers is governed by law. What you should know about discount coupons and gift vouchers

A gift certificate is always welcome. No matter whether it’s coupons for a climbing course, a hotel stay or a fashion boutique is over vouchers look forward to most people. Vouchers you get but sometimes involuntarily, when switching into commodities. Because not every merchant cash returns. The validity of vouchers is clearly regulated by law. Who gets a coupon, it should first pay attention to how long this is at all valid. Did you miss the deadline, but sometimes can make something, usually it is difficult, however.

Temporary Vouchers

If an expiration date on the voucher, it is clearly limited. The law requires a minimum of vouchers valid for one year before. We will notify you about the day on which the voucher was issued, but at the end of the year. For example, a voucher that you purchase in June 2012, at least until the end of 2013 to be valid. The situation is different however, with discount coupons. Here is a coupon for a special discount, which may well also have shorter periods. The same goes for the very popular coupon codes from the Internet, you can use to save money when buying online. You should always pay attention to the campaign period, such as discount coupons are often only valid for a few weeks. Incidentally, are also limited vouchers for a specific event such as a movie or a theatrical event.


Temporary Gift Vouchers: There may well return money

Gift certificates or vouchers that were issued in an exchange are normally valid for three years, if no expiration date was entered. If the voucher is limited, however, customers can sometimes recover from the dealer money, as long as the three-year period has not yet expired. An example: Suppose you have a gift certificate for a particular store, which is only valid for one year. After this year, you certainly have a right to compensation was finally paid for the voucher yes. However, traders can deduct an expense allowance of 15-22% of the value of the voucher. Your entitlement to compensation expires after three years.

Unlimited vouchers

If the voucher otherwise noted, the legislature established the usual period of three years. This always starts at the end of the year in which the voucher was purchased. Thus, an open-ended voucher that you buy in April 2012 that is still valid until end of 2015.

What happened to the voucher, if the dealer is insolvent?

Three years is a long period of time, of course, it may happen that the dealer goes bankrupt or closes a business. In this case, customers go empty-handed with a voucher, unfortunately, unless it finds a successor, who takes over the company.