In Spain there have been major infrastructure projects with little public utility have contributed to increase its economic deficit

The public project management requires, a priori, absolute planning; calculate its feasibility, as well as technical and budgetary planning is essential before you attack them.

Airports and railway lines

Germany with a population of over 80 million people has 39 airports, Spain, with a population of 46 million, has 52, of which only ten are considered profitable and twenty of them are separated by a distance of only hundred kilometers. city Real Airport (at a cost of 1,100 million euros) has been closed due to lack of viability and others like Castellon, who has come to implement and is less than a hundred kilometers from the Manises (Valencia) has a maintenance cost of 300,000 euros a month.

Furthermore, and as far as lines train is concerned, the situation is no better. No country in Europe has so many miles of line High Speed ​​Train (AVE) as Spain, 1,800 and 2,200 under construction built at a cost of 50,000 million euros. Neither U.S. has made ​​a similar investment in fact surpasses only China, on the other hand the World Railway Companies (UIC) warns that the ratio of passengers per kilometer in Spain is 2.8 while in France is 41, 5 which require, in a short period of time, to close some of these lines, because since 2010 many stations recorded a movement AVE less than 700 passengers per day.


The conference centers

At the end of 2012 already existed in Spain 140 convention centers and exhibition , and another 20 were under construction. In one of them, located in the city of Madrid, was spent alone in basements and parking, 190 million euros, its execution is currently stopped. In the same situation invested 40 million, the play is stopped while seeking a business group that provides the capital needed to finish and is also interested in their exploitation.

Highways, another bubble

Owned farms expropriated waiting for years to collect the compensation they deserve, payment motorways when traffic is anticipated projected 20,000 cars daily and currently with fewer than 1000. 50% of the motorway toll in Spain are less profitable or a loss. The radial of Madrid (R3, R4 and R5), the highway from the Roda Ocana, the Madrid-Toledo and Cartage-Vera are in the situation of bankruptcy. Highways Spanish financial need and a the reactive plan. It has considered the possibility of allowing them to travel on 140 km / h (in Spain the limit is 120 km / h) to be attractive to more users, but probably the Spanish government will have no choice but to create some kind of society style public bad bank that manages homes ( Sareb ), to take charge of the highways with losses.

The major infrastructure generate, in principle, a lot of jobs, but that is not reason enough to undertake them, whether those works do not produce the intended public benefit, useless addition help to increase the public deficit .