While small businesses fear a scarcity of bank loans, TPE partners and specialists of the Board are multiplying initiatives to reassure them. Sometimes with the help of some financial institutions.

The TPE concentrate on their own nearly two thirds of the outstanding loans to SMEs. These figures show also that 90% of these assets relate to medium-term loans (excluding real estate investment loans) and long-term (mortgage). Statistics amazing when you know the difficulties encountered in the field by the artisans and traders in search of funding,” according to the Federation of approved management centers.

financial fund

Very small structures would be particularly well served by banks? A vision that also denies Agnes, President of the Supreme Council of the Order of Chartered Accountants,About 60% of problems relate to the small business financing. The main problem is the need for cash, including cash discrepancies.

A priority: access to cash loans

Given the economy, the downturn and the difficulties encountered by managers, specialists of the Board and the federations have specifically chosen the financing of TPE as a workhorse.Often, lack of funding, they have no choice but to put themselves in the open. A false solution that imposes significant costs involved in TPE.

Gerard also offers Rameix to generalize the sending of files online for Simplified s budget requests of less than 25,000 euros.One solution advocated by Agnes also at the origin of this novelty.We launched this idea in order to reduce the workload of the banks for these small loans, and thus encourage them to examine them.Since mid-October, the device set up by accountants, with the group BPCE and LCL for the moment, is operational. Accountants complete the credit application online and the bank agrees to respond within 15 days.In case of refusal, the decision is justified.General mobilization seem bear fruit.