That double entry is the most used method to advance an organization’s accounts. To understand how this calculation mechanism is equivalent to having their business secrets of mathematics. Systems that you can take to accounting are varied, as are the methods that you can use, but that double entry remains without doubt the most used and, at the same time, the most feared by the students of institutes.

Applying the method of double entry to the system of principal economic out turn, and you should consider managing financially and economically. From a financial point of view you have to take into account the income and expenses, in addition to debts and credits. From an economic point of view must instead assess changes in costs and revenues. Basically you have to be able to formulate some sort of list, with two columns, consider an active economic changes, i.e., the major revenue credits and lower debt GIVE voice. While, variations, outputs passive, the drop in claims and rising debts HAVE voice.


Considering these data, doing economic calculations, consider the figures GIVE column as negative and those having as positive. The debit and credit amounts must be equal. Take care not to consider give and take it for what it is their literal meaning. It is only by names given to identify the two columns, nothing more. You must therefore get used to consider them only in this way, otherwise you will be taken to make mistakes. When calculating the total of the two columns GIVE must coincide with HAVE, otherwise, you have to be able to balance their accounts by Economic changes either positive or negative, depending on the case.

In the record ledger data you should always report the figures relating to any transaction, whether in GIVE and TAKE. In this way you can put into practice equality between credit and debt. The links that I write here will be very useful to understand even better the argument. Remember, that perform many exercises you will certainly be a big help, as well as the chance to see real studying accounting books in a practical way on calculations, that will lead.