Financial problems can cause great harm in a person’s life. Unfortunately, they are often accompanied by feelings of guilt which in turn can lead to depression and self-esteem problems. Learn to distinguish and understand the causes of money problems that might undermine your morale. If you have debt problems, do not make the mistake of automatically blaming yourself for everything that happens to you. If money problems may simply result from poor management of your wallet and your bank account, they are often caused by events outside your control.

Job loss, for example, can cause financial problems. Unless you have displeased your employer openly and on your own, you are not responsible for what happens to you. Your discharge may be due to significant changes within the company, or a financial crisis. Do not lose faith in your abilities, get up their sleeves and go looking for another job so as not to be affected too long by the loss of your salary.Divorce is an event that disrupts a life. Separation from your spouse can be caused by money problems, just as it can be the source of money problems. Regardless of why the current no longer flows between you, try, if you can, to get along and maintain a relationship respect to you avoid the added stress linked to clashes about child custody or division assets.


The disease is another unfortunate event beyond your control. Serious illnesses that require expensive treatments are often due to heredity, or a virus you had the misfortune to catch. Take care of yourself and do not burden your recovery with feelings of guilt related to your financial problems. Other events such as moving, a disaster or failure of appliances you can train yourself in spite of debt problems. Remember it can happen to everybody losing control of his credit when the unexpected occurs and expensive.

Finally, if you believe your financial problems are caused by mismanagement of your finances, try not to feel guilty and just think about your relationship with money and credit. Perhaps you have simply never learned how to prepare a balanced budget. Maybe you grew up with the illusion that the money was falling from the trees and was an inexhaustible resource. Maybe you just let yourself be influenced by companies trying to make you believe that credit is accessible to all, is easy, safe and enjoyable. If your relationship with money is unhealthy, it is up to you to take action to change things for the better. No matter what is behind your problems, you should not hesitate to ask for help to get away. It is sometimes difficult to reach out to others by confessing his problems and asking for advice or solutions, but it is a first step towards the recovery of your situation. Put your pride aside and remember that your value as no one way to summarize the state of your wallet.