The U.S. Department of Commerce released a figure representing a decrease in consumption by 0.4% compared to February 2013.

The fall in consumption was in March in the U.S. The decrease of 0.4% compared to February, was seen in all sectors, according to the Department of Commerce that country, as the BBC broadcast on 12 April. Analysts believe that the fall is due to recent tax increases, which are beginning to affect retail sale.

Incidence of payroll taxes on low consumption

The decrease in retail sale, which happened for the second time in three months, is attributed to the new payroll tax that was introduced earlier this year, which states that may have contributed to the fall in spending. Payroll taxes are collected by the State for payments carried out in the remuneration of staff as employees. The increase in payroll tax, which took effect earlier this year was a change introduced a cut after the recession to boost spending. The increase in this tax means that someone with an annual salary of $ 50,000 will suffer a charge at least $ 1,000 this year.


A general sales drop for all items

Sales were lower in all sectors. Dealers cars , shopping malls or department stores, kiosks and convenience stores, electronic stores and sporting goods stores, among other businesses, reported a drop in business. Both the figures for January and February of a downward trend, adding to the image of a stagnant economy of the U.S., so it remains the fragility of the crisis, but is expected to rebound in economic growth 2%.

Employment growth rate in March 2013 in U.S.

For its part and respect of employment figures released last week showed that were created just under 90,000 new jobs last month. However, because the population is growing, that number is well below the rate of job creation necessary to maintain employment levels.

Sales Fall in March 2013 in the U.S.: implications for specialists

Paul Dales, an economist at global consultancy Capital Economics, said he thought that the downturn would be prolonged. In this regard stated: “The surprise drop in March retail sales adds to other evidence that the U.S. economy is experiencing a slowdown in new spring” and added: “But we doubt that moderation in economic growth in coming quarters is as serious as it was in recent years. ”