In this type of society it is important to personal appearance, regardless of their contribution.

To become a member you must have the consent of the other partners and the responsibility for these, against third parties for the debts incurred is unlimited staff, so they respond with all its assets and jointly.



¤ The minimum number of shareholders is two.
¤ Often, they are professional companies.
¤ There is no minimum capital requirement for incorporation.
¤ All partners are actively involved in managing the company, except those that provide only job (industrial partners).
¤ The name must include the name of the partners, or any of them followed by the words “and Co.” and Partnership.

Limited partnership

This variety of the collective, but there are two types of partners.

Collective: Directly involved in management.
Backers: Perform a contribution of economic and participate only in the results.
¤ Your third party liability is limited to their contribution.
¤ The minimum number of shareholders is two.
¤ There is no minimum capital requirement for incorporation.
¤ Membership shall not be transferred without the consent of others.
¤ The name consists of the name of the general partners followed by “Limited Partnership”.

Common features of all commercial company

¤ Its constitution is made by deed.
¤ Has legal personality.
¤ You must be registered in the Register.
¤ Is assigned a Tax Identification Code (CIF)
¤ Taxed on the corporate tax (IS).

By having legal personality, the owner’s assets, subject to the rights and obligations is society itself, not the partners have formed.

The commercial register

It is an organization with the State Ministry of Justice, which has the purpose of advertising legal situations of the registrants in it, and other assigned duties. Registration aims among others, commercial companies. As a general rule, registration is mandatory, except for the individual entrepreneur is optional.
Registrable facts, are made on the separate sheet that opens each business, corporation or entity subject to registration.

Data register

¤ The act of incorporation
¤ The changes
¤ The termination
¤ Dissolution
¤ Transformation
¤ Fusion
¤ Split
¤ Creation of subsidiaries
¤ Appointment and removal of administrators, liquidators and auditors
¤ The general powers
¤ Issuance of bonds or other securities.

The records are established in the provincial capitals and have, as most important functions:

¤ Practicing the entries for registrable subjects, such as leaf staff, qualification registration, etc.
¤ Legalization of the books of the employer.
¤ Deposit and Publication of accounting documents: agreement and approval of accounts of income, a copy of the management accounts and report and audit, if necessary.

The information contained in the Register are public and are published in the Gazette of Register. At present, the capitalist societies are much more numerous, to the detriment of those of a personal nature.

The explanation for this trend is that in capitalist liability is limited, while the personalist members respond with their present and future assets in unlimited quantities, and that such membership is transferable freely in the capital while in personality, this condition is only transferable with the consent of the other partners. These features make the kind of society personality is relegated to a modest background, as to the amount of companies formed with capitalist character where what matters are the contributions and personal appearance. regardless of their contribution.