There are thousands of people who are starting businesses of networks and the main premise is to make money, but it is a big mistake.

There is no absolute truth in the business of consumer networks, all that is exposed even in this space is a lie until someone can prove otherwise, however there is some knowledge that will help you stay on track for success.

The “traps” of Network Marketing

Who does not dream of getting rich overnight, have the greatest luxuries and live in the best conditions? Wallace would say it is wrong of his mental faculties that say you do not want. And consumer networks offer this kind of life, but there are certain “locks” to be open to achieve achieve those dreams. The first of the locks is that in any one area should learn the basic foray governing this medium. Just as a person spend years to master a musical instrument and become a true marvel of it from constant practice musical scales, just as it is essential to learn the basics of network marketing (NM). This way of eating, recommend and create wealth, it actually has a number of basic principles that the learner must recognize.


Today’s empowerment has been designed from a dynamic protection for people who do not have the skills to develop economically and become self-sufficient, producing more of the same. On the other hand the empowering process requires personal work and self-discipline to obtain advances individually.


Companies, as Robert Kiyosaki , using the NM as a means of promotion, have the fundamental premise of helping consumers to evolve individually, recognizing that personal development of that growth depends on the company itself. Therefore provide tools for the individual to achieve their own goals according to their own times, recognizing that each person is different in itself.

It is through these tools that the teams begin to develop and therefore grow. Empowerment has to do with the ability to have certain leadership skills to help meet other leaders who are able to instruct other leaders to find new leaders to instruct leaders infintum ad. And most important of self-empowerment is precisely that it is a personal task, a task in which the individual must recognize that his knowledge of the subject he is dabbling is absolutely null and you should start a new career that mainly learn much about himself .


Another tool that are available to develop a network of consumer’s self. Says Dani Johnson that to know the self is necessary to measure the state of mind and on the other hand Luis Costa mentioned that you first have to raise self-esteem for the money to arrive. These two positions seem opposite, however go together from each other, because we have to raise self-esteem for the money to arrive, while it is important to recognize how much money is coming in, to see if self-esteem is rising.

This is a point that is lost many starting businesses. They think that just having the business will start making money, and actually what they have to do first is to raise your self-esteem and all the training that is offered by these companies: to raise self-esteem. One can recognize the self by the way you speak, the way in which it expresses itself, by how he says what he says. But also for the people they are around, who lives and what has in relation to them. Recognize the place where one finds is the main task of the new member because there begin his career in the consent of the road to success.


The charity is the main reason that a person should seek their own development, whether material, physical or spiritual. Because of that personal development is that you can give something to others and make that effort to be fully useful for the society of which you are part. In his text “Power” Rhonda Byrne , explains how the power of attraction is the other each of the power of love and exposes how they act from love of neighbor is that you can more easily benefit the universe is intended for self-advancement.

That is why this “lock”, that of charity, is to be opened within oneself, in order to bring those who are in need, which is finding oneself: these tools that generate personal progress and summed in a community can affect the development of entire societies. So, as you can see, consumer networks are much more than just a means to generate money are the essential mechanism for global transformation in the field of self-sustainability.