To operate in the financial market advantage, the most effective is to increase knowledge about it as possible.

An investor should be aware of the news about the markets , but there are agents and external factors that may affect them directly on them. Any information on the economy of a country, the trajectory of the leading companies of this nation, the change of its currency , events or policy decisions or unexpected events, as was the case of the recent eruption of Iceland glacier, affect movements of the day. For this reason, an investor should be all ears and be well informed of national and international situation. As an example, here are some short notes of what is happening in Spain in recent days.

Interesting Facts that impact on the Spanish market

# Labor Reform. Government, employers and unions should finalize a plan for labor reform to be adopted on June 16 even if the three parties do not reach an agreement. The sticking points are firing and temporary contracts, where employers and unions do not totally agree. Unions announce general strikes and if the agreement does not benefit them.
# Industrial production increased in April by 3% according to the INE (National Statistics Institute). The rise represents an increase of production for the second consecutive month in negative after two years. Yet the pace of production has slowed, and that in March the General Industrial Production Index (IPI) was 7%.


# The unemployment rate has been reduced in May in 76,223 people, according to the Ministry of Labour and Immigration. This is an encouraging figure but looking back, over the past twelve months the number of unemployed has risen by 12.3%.
# The risk premium on Spanish bonds are at their highest. During the past week, the difference in profitability between the Spanish debt securities to ten years compared to their German counterparts, has soared probe reaching 200 points.
# On the international scene, GDP and the economy of the eurozone have been increased by 0.2%, as published by the European statistical office Eurostat. This data coincides with the one published last May, which warns of slow recovery and durable.

Volatile markets

In this context, the volatility of markets is through the roof. One option to operate in volatile markets is through CFD or Contract for Difference . By this form of investment investors can benefit whatever the market conditions as they are valid in bull and bear markets. This is a great advantage in situations of uncertainty and crisis that is currently living in Spain and Europe .