If you have some unused rooms or have an apartment divided into several rooms where you do not live in an entry and are looking for more, you’ll definitely thought about renting these rooms these rooms. One of the professions , who can undertake having these means, is that of houses. Let’s look at some tips to become landlords.

First of all, let’s define what it means to be a landlord to avoid mess up the bed & breakfast. The exercises houses are structures that possess no more than six bedrooms and can accommodate no more than 12 people. These rooms must be present in at most two apartments located in the same building. The difference with other establishments offering accommodation is this limitation and in addition the prohibition to offer guests drinks or foods unless they are packaged.


If you want to play the room-rental service, the first suggestion is inform you in well on features that should have and on structural and sanitary standards which should be respected. It is important to know that if you carry this service in your home we must adapt to the rules, whereas if it is held in outside of homes there are others, such as the mandatory enrollment in Registry section of Tradespeople and presentation of prices.

To start the business, one must go to the municipality where the activity will take place. We must denounce the start of activity and after 30 days you can take officially taking care to warn the responsible departments. It is essential to inquire about any funds made ​​available for those who decide to embark on a ‘activities of this type. The realization of profits of landlords with tourist activity is favored by grants . In this way you have the possibility of being granted a fund of 50% is repayable, and therefore should not be returned, and the other 50% is at a subsidized rate.

To undertake such an activity if you have the resources available can be very lucrative indeed. This especially if the house is located in a tourist area . Having a house by the sea or in the mountains or at any other place that attracts people visiting or on holiday can become a source of income.