The communication is critical. Especially in this era in which messages are communicated with different tools and methods, you must know how to communicate. Whether it is to perform activities of daily or to interact with co-workers, communication must be effective. Here are some tips to be able to make it such

First, it does not mean only communicate using words. The communication also includes other factors such as body language , tone of voice and listening. It is known that an expression, or a way of doing, help us to understand much about the person that we face and the message that is being sent. For this reason we must pay attention to the basic details that will be able to make or less effective communication.

An underlying effective communication requires listening. Many studies have revealed that the problems related to communicate derive precisely from a bad listening . To improve care must be taken to the words spoken by our partner , the way he says and gestures he does. This allows us to understand what he wants to express and as a result of being able to talk about it in the most effective way . The communication reveals that precisely because we are able to respond in the right way we have taken interest in a complete conversation.


Body language is another factor to be treated for effective communication. The body sends numerous signals as we speak. that the topic could be enhanced or denigrated by the gestures, expressions or the tone we use expressing. Obviously, this element must be treated according to the role that communication has for us. If it is used for a business purpose must be set in a certain way.

Some things to avoid for effective communication are: the lack of eye contact , the arms and the body leaning towards the other party. The expression should be relaxed and turned to the speaker. If we are talking about ourselves, we should look at our stakeholders with a relaxed look and gesticulating in a manner dissolved. You must be careful not to move too much not to divert attention from the message that we’re talking to ourselves. Applying these tips will be very easy to communicate in an effective manner .