Buying a house is never an easy task: it does carry with it the mind fantasizing about new spaces, new furniture, a large living room to invite friends over for dinner . She dreams to turn into a closet walk-in closet, a garage where he can do all the chores DIY and small interventions to the bike. But the reality is quite different! There are dozens of other aspects to consider, far more important, to avoid taking a corner. Please read our guide with valuable advice before buying your new home .


There dwell on some basic aspects, such as the city in which to buy, which of course depends on your needs, as well as the budget for the purchase, which changes depending on your ability . More important is the exact location. First, ask yourself why I want to buy a house? It seems like a trivial question, but we must never lose sight of your goal and the reasons that led us to search. The selection is so vast that in a blink of an eye we will be enchanted by a lovely house with a pool at low cost, even if it is in good condition but is located on the opposite side of the city to go to work and it will take us an eternity. So let’s focus on the needs of not only our own, but of the whole family (if you have it). consider the various factors: whether we have children we seek An apartment that has enough bedrooms, and if we have a dog it will be appropriate to have a small space external, such as a garden or a cozy terrace, if we work at home we count an extra room can be transformed into office.

Secondly, choosing the area and the type of home that we need, it would be advisable to take several appointments with more than a real estate agency, to see what’s good in the market, and to make comparisons between prices . The more homes we can see, the more we will have a complete picture of the housing market at the time when we buy.
Once the eyes and heart have been abducted by a house perfect for us not hasten the negotiations, but check all the details. Infomercial on the state of the electrical system, on discharges, plumbing bathroom and kitchen. If you live in a cold area , ask if the owner has failed to implement any measures to save energy, such as a thermal coat or other similar systems. We ask how many and which jobs were done before putting the house for sale, it is our right to collect much information as possible before making a decision.

In some cases we might have a chance to talk with the tenants of the building in which we are planning to buy an apartment if available, will give us valuable information on the state of rest of the property, even at night, and on any costs already program such as the renovation of the facade or the installation of an elevator, the cost of these repairs will affect us to some extent as a new owner , so testimonial account because the expense is not seeking to be small. Prior to the final decision, we insist on see the house several times at different times of the day. Every good real estate agent knows that that particular apartment may appear in its best form with the light of the 6 pm and will inevitably lead us to see him only in that time slot. try to visit him in various moments to make sure that, for example, in the morning is not too dark. Finally, we consider that our family could grow: we may need more space. Buy is not as easy as renting is always better to be prudent and farsighted .