The current economic model is being invaded by so abysmal that incite media constantly spending money.

The current model

The current economic model is being invaded by so abysmal that incite media constantly spending money on a regular basis, leading to personal debts and to enrich capitalist banks.

The current society and ancestors

We are in a society that provides a set of “possibilities” that greatly increase the purchase of products but added concerns and long-term debt, and that is, we must take into account that previous generations have lived with limitations and sacrifices to To get to the availability of all these resources that are possible today but not to consume properly realizes without wasting.

In the last century the system was used to spending a lot of work to get a product, being the acquisition of this whole event and achievement, making himself as the most valuable asset at that time. For that reason he proposed to create new business systems based on a lot of effort to facilitate the flow of goods production, have produced systems that result in saturation in commercial markets by encouraging people to spend and acquire terrible habits for effective management of goods.

Young and waste of resources

Those born in the era of high technology and consumerism do not know more than the spending patterns of material goods for the reason that resources are at the door of the corner. Today the production lots are sold, no sooner has consumed well when another new market, undermining the personal economy to continue later models of products that all contributors to be at the forefront of fashion. Business processes that benefit only manufacturers pocket.


Vanity and its value

Life always has been assessed by what one has and what one has, humanity bases its existence and not pretend to be, they have better cars and luxury apartments but people with no sense of duty and conscience, care more to be well with the environment in which they operate and what they really should be to maintain the values ​​rooted and equal opportunities. We live in a world where marriage and family responsibilities are limited to consumption and not factor in the formation of the individual, the human being believes that power and money equals human value and not necessarily so, it all depends on how obtained wealth, his career and why it works.


In a sense it’s not bad to want to renew and better things, is even beneficial in a sense as you work to improve their living conditions and satisfy personal desires that benefit for some purpose in life. The problem is to make this a vanity wasting money that could meet other basic needs, such as: food, resources and education necessities. Moreover, if we take into account all the administrative and industrial system we can say that the new, the past, the different and the current required to get the raw material and processing, refining aside to be reused for the reason of absence for a specific control launch a product or not.