From economic crisis comes a new fusion of high-flying, American Airlines and U.S. Airways merge forever.

Unity is strength, we already knew, but we did not know was that U.S. Airways, the ugly duckling of U.S. airlines, is going to join American Airlines, the fourth airline in the world in terms of passenger numbers, and the sixth in the world by number of planes. In recent years no one wanted to merge with U.S. Airways. First, she tried to ally with Delta Air Lines, and then with United Airlines. However, the airline of Atlanta (Delta Air Lines) was decided by Northwest Airlines. The Chicago (United Airlines), decided by the other airline also American Continental. So the only option left was American Airlines, before the advance of low cost line with Airtran Southwest.

The need for survival

To avoid duplication of aerospace companies and no longer only for the sake of survival in the competitive market, but that they were also profitable and competitive, Doug Parker was the first to defend the concentration in the U.S. airline industry. So, Parker, CEO of U.S. Airways, which is put the cards face up on the table to close the merger agreement with American Airlines. And it will be the same Parker, who is in charge of taking the reins of which will be the largest commercial aircraft company in the world.


Actually, it was in 2005 when U.S. Airways bought the company from America West to give the go-ahead to the last great wave of mergers in the industry. At that time, there were a dozen companies sharing the bulk of the market pie. But now, the list is reduced to only four firms, that eat no more, no less, that 83% of the passenger traffic of a super country, which is the size of a continent.

A setback and an opportunity

In November 2011, came to America Airlines unexpected, suffered a default. Inevitably the company needed a strategy of attack. Then Tom Horton, a friend and rival of Parker at American Airlines, said at the time to remain independent. But unfortunately the accounts did not add up and left the door open to be able to sell some assets.

Scoot Kirby, president of U.S. Airways said it had to act fast, fully convinced that this would be the last major step in the consolidation process that formally began with the release of the sector in 1978. It took more than three decades that mergers and bankruptcies defined the sector.

110,000 employees to agree

Kirby does not hide the real problems come, as it is known the headache that American Airlines management has with its employees. And if this problem was added to the sum of U.S. Airways workers, could be an explosive combination. The question will be how the evil atmosphere prevailing, specifically on American Airlines for a decade, affects the quality of your service and it does not become an obstacle to the enormous and arduous process that is now in front.

While Kirby is positive thinking, and said: the integration of the templates is historically the most difficult, right. But what makes it unique is that this merger we have the support of employees, and it will move quickly. The people most fear is that the executive of U.S. Airways as the last major hurdle to become the first airline from the Earth.

On the fleet, reported that Vahidi acquire 600 new aircraft Boeing and Airbus in a few years, to make the airline a big future, young and modern. While 6700 will offer daily flights to 336 destinations in a total of 56 countries worldwide. And will have 5 airports on the East Coast reference: New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Charlotte, and Washington. It will also be a major airline at other airports such as Dallas, Chicago, Phoenix and Los Angeles. When the process is finished, the new entity, the world’s largest airline, will operate with the image of American Airlines. Just wish them luck and a lot of security, first and foremost.