The sea and the financial markets are not as disparate worlds. Here is a comparison of both areas following the metaphor that Joseph Meli does in his book.

The Forex is like surfing Says Joseph Meli in his book Navigating the market storm. With this comparison, Meli emphasizes the importance of technique, experience and knowledge of the environment in which an investor is located, which the author compares with a surfer trying to fight the waves.

Continuing the metaphor, like the surfer knows what is the appropriate level wind, the waves which are conducive to plunge into the sea and which technique is appropriate, the investor must also understand the variables that will give better performance.


Experience is the best weapon that the surfer and the investor have to face the sea and the market. But nobody is born with the experience under his arm. How do you get that experience, how they acquired such knowledge of the environment and the variables that influence?

The difficulty of the beginner surfer and the forex market

Learn about the market is not easy. A rookie surfer does not start out to sea and trying to stand on the table. The novice surfer practiced on the sand, and once you understand the technique to remain on the table and feel safe, go to the next level which is putting theory into practice and into the water.

Just as the surfer, beginner investor should not start with aggressive or risky operational, preferably methods that are recommended for experts. A novice investor must first know how it exercises trading, How is the technique and how are the markets.

To understand the different methods trading A good option is to attend courses or seminars on trading. Through these courses, market experts explain the various options that investors have to deposit their capital, how to organize their investment portfolio and how it is exercised properly the trading.

Practice theory, the key to success for surfing and forex trading

As a surfer, an investor can not enter the market only by knowing the technique, but also has to know the surrounding environment. To achieve a broad understanding of the market on which it operates, an alternative is to check the information from the media. Also the blogs Finance and forums are very challenged to see the overview of the financial community. And finally there are the comments that experienced analysts usually perform on certain markets and assets.

An investor wishing to surf in the market foreign exchange Must first use all the tools necessary to prepare for your operation. Shall prepare the technique and method, how it will exercise its trading: what currency pair is going to invest, by what method (going to invest with the conventional method, or using products such as CFD, Or binaries ). And once decided, will have to achieve the best possible knowledge on the currency pair on which it operates, the international news that may affect the same, the volatility of market and so on. After falling several times in the table, the surfer will get to stay, as the investor achieve increased after a failed attempt at another market in the sea.