Forex online has found the perfect tool to develop, however, is a good place to shelter our savings?.

The foreign exchange market, or forex market, English acronyms come from Foreign Exchange, is one of the largest capitalization markets in the world, is a decentralized market, does not have a physical yield can be Bombay Stock Exchange or Colombia bag But thanks to the computerized trading is done electronically interconnected.


The lack of regulation, a big problem.

The same decentralization means that there are many loopholes regarding the operability of this market, although there is a regulated market where agents access and exchange of the country that focuses on the central banks Where daily published officially change that have produced the various currencies within that system, is spreading another parallel market, unregulated, and even with prices equivalent to those reported in central banks.

OTC, over the counter markets.

Normally forex broker operating online are OTC, outside of regulation, and graphics which usually includes the movement of market prices are not real market charts, but a parallel market that uses real market data. Therefore you make a personal contract with the company, and its guarantees not reach farther than you have signed that contract.

A currency for many prices.

If correct this definition, there is no single market we can find different changes depending on the market that we take for reference. Then when you contract with a broker forex market, you should know the source from which exchange to which you are subjected to it, if making reference to the change provided by bloomberg, Reuters, Or some other system. It’s like buying a lottery ticket if you do not know who draws the prize.

Be registered with a regulatory body, is a good way for a broker.

When hiring a forex broker would be a good option that is registered with the regulatory body that exists in their country, CNMV in Spain, FSA in the UK, etc.
That does not imply to be sure that our savings are in the right direction, but it is a step by the broker with the law. Since you can submit to arbitration terms offered by these agencies.

Leverage, have much to be nothing.

Internet brokers offer products CFDs that are normally leveraged, What that term means?. Forex brokers usually offer a platform that shows the market, but do not operate on it, the broker has its own parallel market, and to better understand what we will give an example, if you invest $ 1000 in a forex market 1:100 leveraged for every $ 1000 you have actually invested is operating with 100 times more, $ 100,000. Everything is wonderful, indeed!, Of course!. If you are successful in their operation, surely the world is wonderful because their benefits will opt for that amount, but an error of only 3% you could be a loss $ 3000, three times what you had. It is normal to have daily swings of up to 8%.

CFDs, contracts for difference.

When I buy a CFDs, which are Contracts for Difference, I’m not buying a stock or real title. The example we saw before is more real, buy lottery, without knowing who made the draw, and on top of where is the ballot?. We’ve all had a friend who won a lot in bag once and then never again speak of it, but while shares or has lost a revaluation, there’s always the title to inherit even their grandchildren. CFD However this is not true.

To not be one of the statistics.

Then this type of market is designed for you to lose, and worst is that many, masquerading as a financial institution, which for years have educated us that it is a good place to take our savings, or even lead to the CFD market our money and sent without mercy to a tax haven, already knowing in advance that we will lose. Organizing the famous scams pyramid.

A little light on the road.

But not everything is dark, is not the place suitable invest in high-risk products such as CFDs to our savings, never spend more than 10% of that in it. Practice good training before entering them are products that require not just knowledge of technical analysis, but the knowledge of financial risk are essential, Lose all the time necessary to locate a trusted broker is properly authenticated, preferably with a certification of financial transparency , Who has a track record, we recommend that you look for a company that specializes in examining these legal issues before hiring. For Webmail like the lottery. Luck.