The toy market enters a third of its business at Christmas. The children’s play millionaire these days generates income even in times of crisis.

Three of every four euros billed annually by the Spanish toy industry box for entering Christmas. And that means a lot of money, so it breaks all chains television these days issued one after another doll commercials, video games and traditional toys and technology. There are all kinds and for all ages. One must not cut corners when it comes to capturing customers and emerge unscathed from the usual consumer crisis.


It is therefore impossible to predict whether 2011 will be a good year for the toy industry to see how generous are the Kings East and Santa Claus at this time. Once again, Christmas is crucial to complete the exercise with numbers “reasonable” because, despite attempts by the industry’s seasonally adjusted demand, these dates still account for 75% of sector sales. The president of the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers (AEFJ), José Antonio Pastor, has said that if it reached the same figure in 2011 would be a situation “Extremely positive, as things stand.” Last year the sector turnover close to one billion euros, around 40% abroad.

The Spanish toy sector

Indeed, foreign sales are a significant part in the annual turnover of the sector, account for about 40% of revenues. In these international markets specially entrusted with a Spanish market which follows the “weakness in demand” by the difficult economic situation. In any case, the employer has been recognized for a reduction in sales of just 4.5% so far this year, noting that there have been increases in the demand for seasonal (Easter and summer holidays) that have enabled a trend more positive compared to other consumer markets.

In line with the data that we mentioned, exports from Spanish toy have fallen only 4.3% in the first nine months of 2011 from a year earlier, with sales of 290.7 million euros according to data released by the ICEX. Among the major European destinations, the sale has fallen more in the UK (-16.1%) and the Netherlands (-27.5%), while projections are the highest in Italy (+8.4%), Germany (+5.6%) and France (+3.5%).

The increased demand for our toys up to Portugal

The main market until September 30 has returned to Portugal despite its difficult economic situation. Towards the neighboring country has exported Luso worth 69.8 million euros (-16%). Next in importance France, with 56.3 million, Italy (30.2 million), Germany (24.8) and UK (15.1). Offstage mainland has maintained or increased business in other countries traditionally buyers, even with increases of 38.9%. This is the case of Mexico, where business has obtained a 11.8 million euros. Have also increased exports to the United States, in this case with a rise of 3.2% to a total of 5.2 million.

Above all, the Spanish manufacturers sell out dolls, pedal mountable vehicles, battery or drive (ride-type), articles for use in garden and parlor games and board games, and puzzles. But what we look for in Spain?

Internet, the unfinished

According to a study on the use and presence in the Spanish toy sector Network by Daemon Quest leading Marketing and Sales Strategy, in our country are performed around 2,213,080 monthly searches related to the toy industry, which could be defined as a high degree of interest from consumers and opportunity for toy companies by the Internet channel.

The main queries related to “toys” are the specific products such as Ben 10, Hannah Montana, Bakugan, etc, which makes it an excellent opportunity on the Internet for manufacturers and distributors. However, 47% of companies with web presence using this channel as a source of product information, wasting its potential sale. This is the main conclusion of its report. It further concludes that 65% of companies use inappropriate techniques in optimizing their online channel. Only 17% are useful links to social networks, blogs and / or forums.