An essential element of the current job market is temporary employment agencies.

The temp agencies are engaged in the sale to business customers employees or workers who are asked to meet staffing needs occasional or limited. Article 1 of the Law 14/1994 states: It is called temporary work agency (TWA) to those whose business is to make available to another user company, temporarily hired workers for her. The hiring of workers to temporarily assign another firm may be through temporary agencies duly authorized under the terms provided in this Act The assignment of workers can only be done when the ETT is properly authorized. The authorization is granted by the delegation of the Government of the province where they are.

The contract

The contract provision may be held on the following assumptions:

* To carry out a work or service
* To meet market demands
* To replace workers of the company who is entitled to the job
* To temporarily fill a job for the duration of the selection process or training.

Rights and obligations

Among the ETT and the worker will say that they are entitled to the remuneration provided in the applicable collective agreement, and in the case of temporary contracts on completion, the worker is entitled to compensation of 12 days per year worked. TTE also have to pay the salary and the corresponding contributions, allocate an amount to impart training and training in risk prevention . The worker must deal with the ETT all aspects of employment, such as working hours, pay, schedules, functional or geographical mobility, holidays.


The client company pays the bill TTE TTE services and pays the worker and the employer meets Social Security. You also agree to practice the withholding of Social Security contributions and retain the share of personal income tax. The worker, to provide services in the client company, it is the power of management and organization, well informed of the risks, take appropriate preventive measures and be responsible for the obligations wage and Social Security. The worker shall be free to use transportation and business facilities like other permanent staff.

Advantages of temporary work:

* Fixed cost savings for the company
* Savings rental company costs, allowances, bonuses, etc..
* Easy and quick attachment to the post
* Cost savings selection
* Opportunities for workers to integrate into the structure of the company
* Saving training costs of the user company
* Risk reduction in recruitment
* Low incidence of absenteeism

Disadvantages of temporary work

* Empowerment of casual work towards work indefinitely
* Job insecurity.

Thus, ETTs are a defining feature of the current labor market, generating different opinions about their real contribution to that market.