Although file taxes has always been part of the life of the French, few of them understand why you have to pay taxes, much less how to pass them correctly Like the vote, a tax return is a right and a duty that every citizen must perform. For the most recalcitrant, do not rely on the fact that the service tax will eventually forget you because with the help of computers, tax officials can keep track of your every move. In addition, many aids are now available to help you properly complete your return.


Since 2008, there are many ways to make his tax return. Now the statements of income taxes relate more simplified two-thirds of the population and not a privileged class. Internet is a tool that can be used to make his statement. In addition, new registrants receive a discount of € 20 on their taxes. This service is available 24/24 and allows for additional time to make his statement. If you do not have Internet access, the phone can also be used. A simple phone call and that’s your statement. To do this, you can call 0811 701 702, provided that your statement is correct filled. For more information, it is best to visit or contact the tax office.

Who is affected by the tax return and why should it do?

Since the Bill of Rights of Man and Citizen August 26, 1789, payment of taxes has become mandatory for all. All persons, regardless of their nationality, and have a fiscal interest in France, are involved in this procedure. This also includes people who are not resident but who receive income from the French state. Those affecting the RMI does not have to complete the declaration, but it must still be mentioned that may be useful to qualify for certain social benefits that are obtained upon presentation of a notice of non- taxation.

What are the tax

It is these charges that the state can provide its citizens free public services and fair, regardless of social or geographical situation of the latter. To explain it more simply, taxes allow us to benefit from services such as police, justice, health care, etc.. The money raised by taxes is also used to finance the army, education system, to maintain roads and public infrastructure, to finance part of the research and development aid to third world countries.