To access it, it will display a financial base of one million euros. But you will have the guarantee of being treated with kid gloves

Imposing gateway, being majestic and historical buildings refurbished rue of Louvre in Paris: the fund Savings of France was not in half measures for its new private banking. Appropriate given the target audience: individuals displaying a million euros or more to their counter in the Fund or having the potential to achieve them!

Until then, all high-end customers (150 000) had the services of consultants dedicated to their specific needs, and retained a traditional banking relationship with their agency for their current transactions. Now, the best customers will benefit from improved service. ” We have over 500 clients with assets of over one million euros who wanted a different organization, with a single contact , “said Gilles Lebrun, board member in charge of retail banking business of the France. This is done because these privileged will be followed by a business manager dedicated to all their problems. The latter can also handle accounts of their family. To ensure their high availability, they will not follow that 80 families each. A back office and middle office dedicated also been implemented to shorten up the decision process.


The private bank will also provide all the services expected: full range of products essential for wealth management services and tax experts, law or business transfer. The structure is currently based on 11 employees including seven charges Business. But the Fund does not intend to stop there since it has set ambitious goals. “We want to double the number of bank customers and managed assets within three years,” said Gilles Lebrun. For this, it relies on the recovery of potential customers via the internal network but also the interests of entrepreneurs, already customers for their business. If growth is to visit other prestigious institutions could then be created, in large suburban cities, like Versailles or St. Germain in Laye.