A topic that will interest a lot of the bloggers, especially those who are just starting out, or is not yet enough versed on the subject: The content marketing . When you write on the web is not like writing on paper, you have to respect some basic rules to ensure that the search engine, consider what we have written and consider how “good” by putting it in the top results of Google search, “SERP”. Let’s see what are the main rules of content marketing.

The content marketing is also used to give the benefits to businesses by leveraging quality content and gaining relevance in the web. Search engines are very strict and do not like copied content, duplicate, nor of poor quality, in addition, they scan the writing style, errors, punctuation and use of keywords, a tool that allows you to understand the spider, what we’re talking about. Overdo the keywords can be counterproductive, search engines do not like what is called “keyword stuffing” (plenty of keywords), as it is counterproductive to insert an “just to lengthen the stock,” which is not much with the centers’ basic argument processed and reported in the title. Basically we are talking about basic SEO techniques to be adopted in order not to commit blunders.


Another rule that has value to the content and to customize the style of writing we have to differentiate ourselves from the “mere mortals” we create an identity, a personality and give it a face on the blog that is on the channels that come from many social the network. To gain authority and build trust on the part of the reader, you must be consistent and transparent, and give the right information in the appropriate manner, as personal as possible, this will serve to capture the trust of readers. Trying to create attention to involvement from readers, it’s not easy but very useful, it serves to attract a following in your niche writing.