Here is a guide on the roles and responsibilities of a project manager. This professional must be able to ensure the success of a given project . It is usually assigned to planning unique, temporary, and not only will have to keep the team on track, but also be able to motivate, guide and direct it properly. communication , planning and dynamism are the three cornerstones to which reference will be made.

A good project manager must be able to effectively manage staff . The tasks they perform are ones to divide powers, periodically check the payroll, record the absences of staff, and provide higher relative assessments.
Recognize the strengths of each member of the team is crucial: therefore assign deliveries that are reasonable and adapted to the professional role. Because the projects are to be successful, must always set a deadline to the various sub-goals. If the planning is somewhat complicated, such as planning an event, will set dates for progress check-in. As mentioned previously, the manager has the responsibility to control the payroll. For a complete and accurate, you will have to apply to the supervision of a responsible human resources .


All employees have come to expect in fact that they are guaranteed wages, while the purchasing department that receipts have been carefully compiled, recorded and presented on time. interpersonal communication is also a key responsibility of a manager. To coordinate a program, staff must be updated on any changes , upcoming meetings and events, new staff, curriculum expectations of the program, or any other information relevant to the execution of a program for success . The phone calls and face to face meetings are the traditional ways to send messages, but, increasingly, e-mail is considered to be a legitimate means of communication officer.

The specific tasks of this figure varies depending on the type of program being implemented. Regardless, it plays a primary role in its management. The success of the project involves the planning of staff, operating times and topics. The manager will check the suitability of such implementations with regular meetings of the team, the timing of which will be drawn up and communicated to the parties concerned well in advance.

The division into sub-step design can also be partially delegated to another staff member Why is functional, it is good to use an excel spreadsheet. The project manager is responsible for the most direct ‘hiring of new staff, to facilitate its participation and its update, to put the team on the program plan of the ‘agenda and to ensure supplies or operational resources necessary to operate Communication is key: he will be in charge Prince for the choice of advertising and marketing strategies aimed to sponsor the project.

Other very important role which it should follow is to oversee and manage the necessary resources. The materials and supplies must be properly cataloged, organized and documented for easy access and to prevent loss. The serial numbers must be recorded and maintained. Order and systematic nature of operational means saves time and money and to contribute to the speeding up of practices.