SALONOutlet-10-1Makeup cases can be found in many prints, shapes, sizes and colors. You’ll be surprised in any way the options now available if you haven’t been looking for a way to store your makeup recently. cosmetic cases are made to fit every style. From slim pencil type cases that you can slide into any clutch or small purse to rolling train cases that you could take on a plane that will show up to your hip, there are countless options. At The Salon Outlet, you’re certain to find one that can fit your needs.


If you’re a compact or home salon owner, you might be trying to find something like a rolling cart or a rolling train cases. These are ideal for carrying lots of makeup. They carts are perfect for pushing around a salon when you move stations or handle clients in multiple areas. They can also easily be pushed out of the way for storage. Rolling train cases, on the other hand, are perfect for traveling with makeup. Like weddings or parties, you can easily store a lot of things over these move and cases them without much trouble, if you go to events to do makeup. They’re excellent for long distance traveling too. Snap the case lock and shut it, then you can bring it on a train or airplane, or store it inside the trunk of your car. Once you arrive at your hotel, the wheels and extendable handle will make it easy to pull on the hall and have into your room. These large cases are much like suitcases that roll, except having a hard exterior. You’ll know that your makeup is safe, locked away and unlikely to get broken in any of these large, rolling train makeup cases.