Why storytelling does he know such a boom in recent times?

Because of the strength of the stories! Storytelling has existed since the era of time and form of communication is the most powerful that has ever existed. History affects both the rational and the emotional, which is not the case for the argument or logical explanation. At the same time, we listen, we understand, and you feel the information.It hosts a story better than rational discourse. When you listen to a logical explanation, we tend to be skeptical or even resistant.It is critical in our minds the arguments of those who present. when we tell a story, we relax, we enter the story without wanting to question the we share the story from the inside.



I often say to my clients need to maintain relationships of trust with its community of customers and prospects, and that the best way to do is to tell interesting stories, real and relevant. When we receive an e-mail designed to persuade us to buy something, there was some reluctance.However, when the same company tells the user stories that highlight the strengths of the product, trust develops more easily.

Why would a company have interest to use the storytelling?

First, the storytelling makes it a more lively and fun to follow a “business presentation”classic exercise that has become increasingly monotonous and sterile over the years.

Second, at a time when everyone is inundated with promotional correspondence, trying to persuade us with logic and facts, storytelling is an effective way to stand out from others by making these messages more relevant to the reader.

Third, social media, which are booming today, provide a great platform to share stories. These social media sites are becoming real “storytelling engines.”

Is it suitable for both large and small businesses?

Innovative companies use social media to stimulate the exchange of stories between the users, stories that bring out the passion around the brand. we ask customers to send their photos and stories showing consumption in times and places “unusual” for example a couple sipping an iced coffee in a snowstorm. Coca Cola is asking consumers to tell how Coke is part of their daily lives.

Today, all companies can use storytelling and share stories of their users.