Its 3391 branches spread across the country and subsidiaries in 73 countries around the world, the People’s Bank is the bank of large companies, SMEs, fishermen, craftsmen, teachers and hundreds thousands of associations.

Since its founding, the People’s Bank has adopted a mutual status and kept the cooperative aspect since customers are heavily involved in the development of its capital. In terms of services, the People’s Bank was the initiator of most of the offers to the bodies of trades. Other banks born several years after its creation have imitated its various concepts. Proximity to the regional level is also a valuable benefit that the People’s Bank has maintained over the years. Similarly, the establishment constantly strengthening its collaboration with investors, organizations and associations at the local level.


The People’s Bank, a mutual heritage

Founded in 1878 in Angers, the People’s Bank was the establishment of various businesses, artisans, small businesses and professionals who were the first participants in the capital of the bank. These entities were the owners members from the original status of the bank, the main objective of the People’s Bank, from its inception, is to promote business initiatives.

Thus, the establishment was the only brand that provides financing to small investors do not have sufficient guarantees to borrow from other banks. Gradually, the People’s Bank has expanded its service offerings to particular occupations by introducing new specialized funds. All group activities are coordinated by the Federal Bank, the central body.

Over the years, comparisons with other financial institutions have also increased. These maneuvers resulted in the birth of Natexis in 2006, the acquisition of Foncia in 2007 and recently the creation of BPCE is the result of the merger between People’s Bank and Caisse d’Epargne to form the second largest banking group the Hexagon. Thus, the People’s Bank is able to cover all financial expertise, both nationally and internationally.

The basic banking services to the People’s Bank

The People’s Bank is a bank and a specialist in general and its customers can choose from the multitude of offers and services. Opening an account allows immediate access to services and financial management tools for quality. Contractor in an account agreement, the customer determines how it wishes to manage its deposit at the Popular Bank. The client also has a wide selection of different ranges of cards, along with many support services by telephone or Internet, and insurance.

The People’s Bank is a banking since the client can easily access the web the position of its accounts, conduct banking transactions, inquire about the information on outstanding cards or checkbooks request. It offers various forms of credit to finance a project. Thus, access to a pool of money or a personal loan is simple for customers with an account. Individuals may benefit from loans tailored to achieve a proposed vacation, car purchase or finance training. In addition, they can benefit from the free line of credit, as well as flexible monthly payments.


Savings services and insurance of the People’s Bank

The People’s Bank is a financial reference in the field of savings products. The bank offers a variety of savings products tailored to the needs of all individuals. In addition, it supports its customers in efforts to grow their savings. Thus, for example by saving, it is possible to invest through a securities account. The objective of the bank is to benefit investors dynamic savings plans.

Technicians are close to the bank customers to identify their needs. Thus, the People’s Bank offers products for the type of desired savings such as Codevi booklet, now known as sustainable development booklet, intended in particular to deal with contingencies. The remuneration of the booklet is quite high and the method of payment is flexible but capped. The savings account CODEVair uncapped is only for projects under environmental and First Steps booklet allows you to benefit a child, a savings plan safe and better paid compared to conventional offerings. As for the retirement savings plan, the people’s Bank this formula suitable for all age groups of assets. For insurance companies, with products such as Habitat Assur-BP, BP Assur-child, make BP Family, Family and Fructi-Fructi-Health, the People’s Bank is one of the institutions with the best solutions.