The Prime Minister removes the obligation to pay the cameral resource for entrepreneurs. From January payment is voluntary.

The difficulties and bureaucratic obstacles to start a business in Spain there are many, but with the crisis, the government has tried to minimize all the paperwork for the sole purpose of enabling the creation of employment. But beyond the size of the company and the sector in performing its activities, which are paid all fees and taxes and all permits are requested at the time of creating it, all without exception, were to pay the fee that he had the Chamber of Commerce of the province, whether or not they used the services of the agency.


A camouflaged tax unsolicited service Chamber of Commerce

Many new entrepreneurs had never heard of Chambers of Commerce When they received the bill, and refused to pay what they considered another tax, camouflaged with the resource name cameral. But if your payment was rejected during the term of payment voluntary period, it received by the Treasury, with surcharges and warnings of seizures of their bank accounts.The payment was required, and very few employers, especially small and self-understood that compulsory membership in an organization, which had not sought nor claimed to be services.

The resource cameral charged by the Chambers of Commerce, and is voluntary

On December 1 the leader of the opposition, Mariano Rajoy Asked the Prime Minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez, on “If intended to take any steps to remedy the serious situation that pass small entrepreneurs, especially autonomous”. In response to the Prime Minister, among several measures that benefited the group, went unnoticed for many people, the announcement stated that: “Contributions to the Chambers of Commerce, called chamber resources, cease to be binding, Becoming voluntary “.

At that time thousands of autonomous, grouped in many associations throughout Spain, they set their eyes wide open and gave no credit to those who listened. People could not believe it, that what they had been struggling for many years with all types of resources as illegal, as was the desire not to pay the fee to the Chamber of Commerce of the province, and not using their services, the President of the Government solved in a few seconds with a simple comment: “The quota will be voluntary”.

Chambers of Commerce oppose the measure

While most entrepreneurs celebrated it, understanding that the government picked up the feelings of the majority of the self, the current leaders of the Chambers of Commerce and especially the workers of the same, put the fuss and prophesied that measure is the “End of the Chambers and the end of their jobs”. Although always count with the entrepreneurs who voluntarily want to belong to such entities. And continue to benefit from the services they provide, both for business creation, and for the export or completion of courses.

The self in favor of eliminating a fee for a service not requested

By contrast, associations of self-employed as taxi drivers and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), Do not hide their satisfaction with the disappearance of the obligation to pay, what many call “revolutionary tax. “Estar” affiliate “an entity and pay a fee without having asked and without receiving a single personal communication services offered, was something I did not understand. And unless they refer to the announcements include Chambers of Commerce in the newspapers to publicize their activities. They understand that there are already various associations, to those who volunteer can be targeted to solve their problems.

And most of them trust the Government to continue betting clearly by the group, given the importance to the country’s economy. Upon approval of l status of self, Now joins the elimination of this tax that a large number of self did not want to pay. Undoubtedly facilitate the birth of companies, the disappearance of more as a hindrance, although the amounts were paid by small employers, were not very large, the feeling that they “stole” those amounts if they were. Today, in our democracy, no sense of obligation to belong to the Chamber of Commerce.