Lawsuits between these and more technology firms such as HTC, Motorola and Nokia, can slow development of mobile communications in coming years.

The iPhone and iPad are two of the products assembled by Apple Inc. with accessories produced by Samsung Electronics, which reflects the existence of close business relationships that will surely last a little longer. But while there is fierce competition among business smartphones and tablets of both companies, amid litigation by patent issues is not known how or when to end.

The iPhone was the beginning of a new form of business competition

The kind of fusion between the sectors of traditional computing and mobile phones which saw the emergence of the first iPhone in 2007, came amid a fierce competition began years earlier among some of the major technology companies (Nokia, Motorola, Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung), to glimpse the important market segment in the mobile communication meant the arrival of the first smartphone .


Started accordingly and gradually, a number of complaints for violation of patents between Apple and firms mainly HTC, Motorola and Samsung, being the one with the latter that is of greater significance for the matters raised at the beginning, and being tech firms also leading the global trade in electronic devices that are both defining the future of mobile communication.

The lawsuits between Samsung and the Cupertino technology

Although tens join demands that currently exist between Apple and Samsung in a California court, to what Judge Lucy Koh urged the minimize to facilitate the work of its judges and to avoid ” cruel and unusual punishment ” (which has finally produced), the function of a swipe to unlock such as smart phones is what The Wall Street Journal , “is in the center of a series of lawsuits for alleged patent violation involving” both companies.

The Galaxy S 3 and the iPhone 5 will come despite the mess between Samsung and Apple

While these legal disputes are resolved, along with the associated also with their tablets Cases and Samsung Galaxy Tabs, both firms can not pass up the opportunity to continue leading the world market for such devices, being the recent introduction of the Galaxy S3 of South Korea and scheduled iPhone 5 Apple for the month of October, some evidence of this.

The new iPhone 5 could be affected by the South Korean demands

But for this to remain so, Samsung and Apple have reached an early agreement or avoid relegating the current legal disputes that would prevent, among other things, that the anticipated new smartphone of Silicon Valley may be threatened by the demands of Asian, as happened with the iPhone 4S presented the last quarter of 2011. Especially, if as a result of another lawsuit against Apple Inc. for example, the Taiwanese company HTC, smartphones latter can not enter U.S. territory, while such claims are resolved imposed by the firm co-founded by Steve Jobs and still remain.