A view into the Network Marketing allows us to understand where it comes from and what’s overwhelming reality that people who engage in it

According to the Federal Market Commission (FTC for its acronym in English), Network Marketing is a legal and effective distribution of legitimate products and services. Historically the Network Marketing was born as a means to unite families and friends in order to advance economically , hence it is first known by the name of Friendship Marketing. Today is one of the forms of promotion and enrichment that are safe and stable as Warren Buffet , thanks to the explosion of social networks, to falling confidence in advertising on the part of society, low entry costs into it and the enormous economic benefits to be gained.

The new commercial was

In the same way that trade began to focus on making products to enhance the lifestyle of people around the world, the way of doing business also evolved since the nineteenth century. Some people who had vision in the early 1800’s, were the initiators of the new trend of doing business . A trend that has helped hundreds of people to cross the Great Depression in the early 30’s of XX century in the U.S. States.


Support was born with this new means of doing business was the ancient philosophy known only by some secret societies and treasured from the burning of the Library of Alexandria . Now, thanks to the information age, by electronic media, many secrets were revealed and who have been able to open their minds to them made ​​progress in a world that seems to move at remarkable speeds.

The human being and be a businessman

One of the major mechanisms that kept the rich in compact areas was the mystery that was being woven around him, however with the emergence of ” secret information “was possible for many people throughout the world, could start generating their own wealth. The secret to get rich was to follow the ancient laws, to study philosophy while studying religion and learning about business. Thus the traders began to acquire new knowledge and skills to use the laws of the universe in their favor, same as the religious and political groups have used for years.

The Network Marketing backstage

Network marketing, network marketing, consumer networking, friendship marketing or network marketing is a way to enter the business world that is supported by the education given to their customers, to having the tools they help you build your wealth. This business school, as he calls Robert Kiyosaki, is designed for those who want to be better in your own life, better relationships, better in their spiritual life, their married life better and better in their social life. It is a means of achieving the desired riches while welfare spreads to other individuals who are willing to make their dreams come true.

Each person entering the industry, to make your business, you learn to live in a way where the study is necessary for personal advancement. Who starts a business based on the Network Marketing (NM), to obtain results that will develop skills as a human being has. What makes that only people with genuine desire to succeed are able to achieve success in this business.

Successful people

The outcome depends on the actions one performs, and actions are associated with the thoughts you have of yourself. And the thoughts of oneself which are linked to those around the person saying it. That’s why a successful team in the industry is based on how NM is expressed each of the members of his teammates. Making this knowledge is the basis for a harmonious relationship among all members. One of the advantages of doing business is to achieve what you want in life, and it is therefore necessary to be clear what you want, work with a goal or an objective very clear and then formulate a strategy. In NM the first thing you learn is to communicate with itself to be clear about what they want to succeed so effectively.

Those whose greatest achievements are those who have confidence in themselves, who are able to look in the mirror and recognize their skills, who have the humility to put their fate in God’s hands and trust that what they have in mind is what God Himself put them there so that they succeeded. But above all, who have the courage to commit themselves to make their dreams come true. And that is what Network Marketing delivers those who are engaged in it.