Countless homes insurance exist and make attractive offers to win more customers. It is advisable not to rush too much to sign despite the proposals gold that can be advanced. First, it makes sense to compare offers from different insurance companies to assess which may be the most beneficial.

How to choose a motorcycle insurance

Insurers offer still wonders through advertisements in order to attract more customers. But, we must peel all these tempting offers to determine the best types of guarantees offered. Thus, it is possible to determine which is better suited to their needs. At the time of finalization of the contract, some conditions that contribute to the provision for payment of insurance in case an event occurs must be taken into account. These conditions are also needed to be used as evidence or support in the record if ever a dispute arises between the parties. If following a dispute, the insured has to break the contract before maturity and change insurance companies, there are processes to follow. Otherwise, cancel the contract without serious incident between the two entities is governed by the law. He is best advised not to take lightly the insurance bike, then one must consider the guarantees offered by all proposals.


To do this, you must check with the agencies and have all the details on their price, their benefit on franchises and on each type of insurance contract. Following their performance, it is necessary to know what exactly are the guarantees given that the company says two similar offers are not necessarily the same guarantees as they may vary from one house to another. The deductible reduces the premium during the incidents: the higher the deductible, the higher the premium is reduced. It is therefore useful to analyze every aspect of these offers for not regret later.

The different types of guarantees to choose

Different kinds of guarantees which the insured may purchase can be made: guarantee for fault warranty for personal injuries of the motorcyclist, guaranteed damage, theft and guarantee security of civil liability.Especially for failures, the security is to tow the motorcycle for transport to the nearest dealer. But support is not 100% deductible from the distance between the place of the fault and the dealer’s reduced.

The warranty relating to the injury is not optional. It is required that the insured subscribes apart from other contract guarantees he wants. For motorcycle insurance, this component is mandatory. For more information, it is preferable to properly investigate the agent receives when requesting information on all these details. To ensure itself, the rider can sign the guarantee for liability which protects it.

There are two choices for the collateral damage and to the premium payable varies according to the contract: the contract any risk or contract collision damage. As the name indicates the risk refund unconditionally, regardless of who the other party. As for the contract against collision damage, the other party must be known.

For flights, if the flight is sound with all the supporting evidence, the guarantee is to pay the value of the bike. But the sum is not repaid its cost at the time of first acquisition since a depreciation should be taken into account. Of this amount will be taken away from a franchise that will be based on seniority. To qualify for this refund, you must run for the nearest authorities and make a statement of loss. This declaration must be made within 24 hours, the receipt for this statement must be sent to the insurance company within 48 hours if the request is inadmissible. The file must be sent registered mail with a request for acknowledgment. Attempted theft are also subject to payment of damages in favor of the insured.

Refund Policy

Several conditions are required for the refund to be granted, but the most basic of submission of the license at the time of the accident. Moreover, driving a motorcycle without a license is punishable by up to three months imprisonment with a fine to pay extra. There are two types of licenses for conducting motorcycle permit and license A.

AL permit can only be used in France and only in its territory. It covers the craft with a maximum displacement of 125 cc which is intended for adolescents under 16 years. A person with a B permit can be viewed as someone who already has a license AL. A permit is specified for devices whose power exceeds the 34 horses, obtaining it is given to adults. Recall that for driving AL and A, the system of bonuses and penalties are too.

Potential problems

Often, it is possible that insurance refuses to pay the reimbursement requested by the client for various reasons. If this situation arises, we must send to the insurer by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, file a claim that consists of an application form. On this form, the word “denial of reimbursement” must be legibly. If after two weeks, no positive response from the insurer was found, the applicant may appeal to the Central Bureau of Pricing (BCT). To do this, he sends a request in which there is the response from the insurer if he deigned to have answered or just the receipt of the request sent by registered letter and another application form with ” refusal to reimburse. ” The BCT will consider and decide the case after the reimbursement.

Following a refusal to pay or a disagreement, a dispute may exist between the two parties, the insurer and the insured vehicle owner. How then handle the situation? We must first note that a prescription is only valid within two years after the disaster. Before this time, try to find an amicable agreement with the house insurance, but if it is really impossible, it is necessary to use a mediator. The insurance company may hire a mediator in-house, yet we must ensure that it is not part of their staff to have a decision independent of any constraint.

Otherwise, we may use the Group of Mutual Insurance Companies (GEMA) or the French Federation of Insurance Companies (FFSA). So that they can start the process, a file must be provided. To form the file and to have all the necessary instructions, it is advisable to contact the ombudsmen. If, despite the intervention of mediators, no solution has been found, we must go to court. The competent court depends on the value of the refund or damages claimed. If it exceeds 7500 Euros competence returns to high court, while for an amount less than 7500 Euros, the competent authority is the court of first instance.