The Monster High doll line has become a commercial phenomenon unprecedented in the children’s market worldwide.

Before 2010, when speaking of dolls, the first and only reference that came to mind of girls and their parents was Barbie , a young blonde and characterized surface of every possible way to meet the demand child: From nurse, veterinary , surfer, singer, princess to president of a nation. However, things changed dramatically when the toy company Mattel released a new concept of dolls called Monster High , whose main success has been the breaking of paradigms in regards to toys for girls.

The success of Monster High phenomenon

Created by designer Garrett Sander and Kellee Riley strokes for Mattel, Monster High is a concept born in 2007, is a school whose students are the sons and daughters of teenage monsters known in the horror stories and mythology: From, Medusa, Dracula, the Wolfman, Frankenstein, the Abominable Snowman, the Mexican Catrina to Phantom of the Opera and the mummy of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. Thus, these monsters juniors live a series of adventures and romances in Monster High Institute, in which, among other things, learn the basics of science monstrous and frightening tactics professionals to be so macabre and terrifying as their parents.


Monster High, a new concept of terror

The success of the Monster High consists mainly in breaking paradigms in regards to their characters, their backgrounds and their personalities. Far from a revamped version of the old monsters, monsters Monster High presents youth with features that are contrary to those of their parents, which gives it a tinge of fun plus it dilutes the negative image of the dark or terrifying characters yesteryear.

Moreover, in the animated series and movies that have been produced in Monster High, the characters live typical situations teens: Study, have partners, do extracurricular activities and many more, giving them greater identity with the market that the concept is addressed. Monster High has also helped to promote positive attitudes and values, although they are characters fashion, transmit things like companionship, loyalty, honesty, acceptance of differences and the value of the study, which is not transmitted with Barbie or Disney princesses, who focus more on the beauty and the pursuit of happiness through magic or some rich prince.

Furthermore, the concept Monster High comes with an effective strategy of marketing through dolls that are manufactured versions, costumes, clothes, makeup, accessories, stationery and much more, including a catchy theme song for the series played Lebanese singer Nancy by Nabil Ajram, which has served to catapult the concept videos, animated series and movies .

Monster High not only broke records for sales in the children’s market, and has revolutionized the way we see the toys, and although there are voices warning about evil influences of his characters, there are other aspects that the kids are much more interesting, such as toys and fascination with scary things.