Many users have asked us to investigate some issues related to the preparation of the business plan : and then we decided to do video-articles in which we will discuss the issues that have been requested. We will begin by addressing the issues related to marketing, and in particular the preparation of the marketing plan. Then, in the next few days, pass to address what are the issues related to finance, and thus everything that revolves around the economic and financial plan and how to achieve it. Today we begin to talk about the marketing plan : Let’s see what it is. What then is the marketing plan? The marketing plan is a document in which the entrepreneur describes all the information it has obtained about its target market, and in which he describes the strategies he wants to use to bring your product / service in the market and then to offer it to its customers.

The marketing plan: the starting point

The starting point of a marketing plan is to analyze the market and especially to dwell on those who are so-called “needs” and “wants. We emphasize that the starting point of every business activity is no longer focus on the product, the quality of the product or factory, but an entrepreneur must be market-oriented. So this means that the center of attention are the needs and desires of the customer. About the needs and desires of the customer, we want to make a clarification. What is a need?


Marketing and desires of the market

Beyond the needs need to know the desires. What is the difference between “needs” and “desires”?
We have said that the need is a state of dissatisfaction that is felt by the fact that it is to be human, and it is not created by the company. The desire instead is something which the person experiences but that is induced by the company . Desire is something that the customer “wants” (this is important verb “to want”). Needs and desires do not always coincide: in fact it is said that if a customer needs something then actually something that I want. Often a market is willing to spend money to satisfy a desire, but is not willing to spend money to meet a need. Consider, for example, the insurance market: it is a necessity to do to your car insurance, but of course, nobody wants to make the insurance. Another example: a person needs a means of transport to go to work, but want to drive a Ferrari. Or again: a person goes to a spa is not because he needs to go, but because he wants to feel “beautiful.”


That is why it is important for every business owner, when writing your own business plan, clearly identify those who are the needs and desires of your target market, so it will be easier to go to offer a product or offer a service in response to these needs and desires.