The small businesses are finding themselves facing a series of problems completely different from those that affect large enterprises. Even for the organization of marketing strategies the processing of information, market research and customer and advertising of products and services take on different proportions that need other types of approaches. To get the best performance from their marketing campaigns, from the identification of the right target consumer acquisition of new potential customers and to get the best result by optimizing certain expenses you can put in place a series of small steps that help maximize skills and resources of a small business .



Extend the customer is one of the fundamental elements of the marketing of all kinds of business. In this communication represents the first business card that allows the customer to get an idea of the company itself, its products and quality. The choice of the slogan should never be random and, depending on the communication channel itself, meet the requirements of high recognition than ever, especially at a time when businesses proliferate and competition moves on many different fronts. The message contained in the slogan must be as short as possible and effective. At times it can do with a single slogan able to attract attention, easily traced to the name of or containing for example the company logo, conversely, use too many slogan, referring in turn to specific products, in limited contexts can be confusing and prove unsatisfactory. Once the message, it should be made ??visually appealing colors and tones of recovering small business and reproduced on flyers, posters, advertising of any kind, to save the message is clear and the connection with the brand of choice.


The events are now more and more a meeting place from which to draw new customers to their products. Participate, through small or bulky stand at events where you know you can reach potential buyers is a great way to introduce your side showing more conversational out of the formality of an office. Even in this case it is important to be recognizable, instructing staff of different types (from hostess to representatives in more likeable mascot) to fit in the event itself, avoiding to remain on its fringes remaining a flat advertising. The distribution of advertising material, according to the type of enterprise, may be selective or more generalized. Could you take a proper consideration in the distribution of small gadgets, delivered to potential customers when you give them useful information about the locations of the organization or on certain products on which it believes it can rely for their effect more disruptive. It is good that the gadget will be useful, possibly daily usage and contain all the information needed to contact the company, so that should not be missing address email , website, logo, telephone: after all, is nothing but an instrument because a customer memories of a company and its products, and can do more than a lot of publicity that inevitably ends up in the trash.


In a system of free competition to seek contact with businesses that offer goods and / or services can prove to be useful and fruitful. Indulge in their respective areas of virtual platforms (eg on websites, in the pages of social networks but also through minimal advertising on their flyers) can play a mortgage service is for those who provide the space for those who are housed, with the great advantage represented by reciprocal exchange which generally does not involve any financial burden.


A great way to lower the cost of advertising was opened from the internet that has in many cases replaced snail mail. Send mails containing only advertising could in the long run, however, expose the small business to the risk of being recognized as spam and end up in the junk mail. Organize the newsletter in a rational manner can make the message interesting and to achieve the right effect by placing the subject in a clear manner the most advantageous offer contained in the promotional message, inviting the customer to open the email. Still it is a good idea to always accompany each email (also just kind of information or confirmation of any agreement) with an attachment that contains promotional material, thereby informing in a discreet and careful at the same time.

Update and modernize To prevent clients lose focus on the brand or product, it is important to keep up with the times and find the ever-changing needs of customers. They can be useful in this regard short multiple choice questionnaires (avoiding open-ended questions, which may annoy those who are somehow giving a “service” to the company, even giving their opinion) through which to trace the new trends that may attract attention, identify new elements in which to invest, figure out where you can do better without losing their skills, but improving them and showing interested in what others think and share.